Types of Oversized Cargo and Shipping Options

There are many things that can’t be sent the standard way due to their size or weight. In those cases, there are different types of oversized cargo and shipping options you can consider. Of course, you may not know about all of them, but that’s exactly why we are here! We will tell you some of the ways you can send your items with the help of door to door cargo Dammam services.

The most popular types of transport for oversized cargo

There are many ways you can send your oversized items. Of course, that will also depend on the amount of money you have to spare. Some methods are faster but will show to be expensive as well. While others will take time but will be quite cheap. Some of the most popular transport methods that a National shipping company of Saudi Arabia would use are:

  • Freight Trailers – You will be sent a freight trailer by the moving company that will transport your items.
  • Boats – This is probably the cheapest option, especially for long distances. But it is also the slowest one.
  • Trucks – Here you will have plenty of room, and it is also not as slow as a boat. But at the same time if you plan on sending items overseas it is impossible to do so.
  • Light aircraft – The option of getting a freight forwarder in Jeddah has become quite popular. Sending your items by aircraft will be the safest and fastest way. But it will also be the most expensive one.
A crane lifting cargo.
There are many ways you can send heavy and big items. But if you are not in a hurry, we suggest boats.

Flat rack shipping method

We can’t tell you about the types of oversized cargo and shipping options if we don’t mention the shipping methods. So one of the methods that all logistics Saudi Arabia offer is flat rack shipping. First, the oversized item is placed on a flat rack. This actually is a container that has no walls or a roof. All the cargo has to be no wider than 104” and under 12’ in height. The rack is usually loaded last. That means it is on top of the ship. This means that your cargo will be exposed to elements during transport.

Roll on roll method

This implies that vehicles such as trucks/cars can be rolled onto the vessel. All of them will be stored below the deck during the shipping process. Keep in mind that there is a 15’ height restriction in most cases. This is due to the ramp running underneath the belly of the ship.

Woman looking for types of oversized cargo and shipping options.
When it comes to types of oversized cargo and shipping options, there are different kinds you can pick from.

Lift on lift-off

Among the types of oversized cargo and shipping options, there is also the lift-on lift-off method. This means that the cargo is craned onto the deck. Then it is made sure it can’t move. Fixed cargo and items that need crating fit this style of shipping. This is also widespread with non-running vehicles. Most ships have combinations of different methods to offer. Of course, in case you decide to use some other methods and not ships then there are other options as well.

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