Types of Road Vehicles for Cargo Shipment

One of the most frequent clients’ questions is which types of road vehicles for cargo shipment exist. Clients also want to know which of them is better for their business. Companies recommend determining the kind of transportation when choosing the suitable method. Some other factors are cargo size, weight, and temperature sensitivity. It is always better to rely on professional shipping and logistics companies in this case, and they will recommend the best type for your business.

Types of road vehicles for cargo shipment

Companies use different types of vehicles for their purposes. One of the most important factors is the model of the truck and which type of goods it can transport. There are usages of the lorries for temperature-sensitive items and other particular purposes.

Truck on the road.
There are many different types of road vehicles for cargo shipment.

Temperature-controlled trucks

These models of trucks use cold chain services for goods that depend on temperature and humidity. In that way, they avoid any other shipping method – it is sometimes not an option but a necessity. These trucks control the temperature and humidity for shipping goods at the desired temperature to any destination. The most significant benefit of these vehicles is keeping products from deteriorating and losing the value of the sensitive products.

Car shipping

When cargo companies in Dammam organize car transport, they must have a lot of details in mind. Car-carrying transportation services are the best option if you want to preserve safety and efficiency.

  • Open car transportation presumes using available trailers and exposure to the outdoors, which is impossible when using air cargo in Saudi Arabia.
  • There are also commercial car carrier trailers that are closed and have easy access to vehicles – they use power hydraulics to raise or lower the ramps.
  • These are a widely used types of road vehicles for cargo shipment.

Different types of trucks

Companies use different types of trucks for their purposes, and it is crucial to understand the difference between them. While some of them have notable additions to help in transporting, others are made for particular usage.

Curtain sides trucks

Companies commonly use curtain-side trucks for general road haulage. They are covered with PVC curtain sides and have curtain roofs. It is a prevalent type of shipping because it enables easy loading and unloading and is also a perfect solution for commercial cargo. They protect a load of a dry van and the convenience of a flat deck at the same time. The only problem is the shipping price, which could be slightly higher.

Flatbed transportation

Companies use this transport when moving large construction equipment or building supplies. However, there are many more options for using these trucks for shipping. Companies use this model for faster loading and unloading, better-secured cargo, more weight capabilities, and continuous space. You can use it for both construction and general manufacturing.

A parked truck near a warehouse.
It is crucial to inform yourself about different types of vehicles when shipping.

Box trucks

You can easily recognize box trucks by their large, boxy-like-shaped metal structure. They are ideal for moving cargo sensitive to weather. You can also tie it down to secure the load. Companies use it for various purposes, like household goods, perishables, clothes, and home appliances. Companies use these most common types of road vehicles for cargo shipment.

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