Useful Ways to Reduce Shipping Costs

Nowadays, the whole economy depends on shipping. Imported goods are everywhere around us. All these things were brought to us by some ship or airplane from another country, and the producers paid the shipping costs. A big part of the price of items in grocery stores is thanks to the shipping costs. Think, would you buy an item with a high shipping cost if you could find the same without it? Likely no. Everybody wants to avoid unnecessary costs if it is possible. The national shipping company of Saudi Arabia is no different. If there are ways to reduce shipping costs without affecting the quality of the goods, everyone would use the chance. if you want to learn more about this, we can help.

What are some good ways to reduce shipping costs?

Many new and small businesses make mistakes with shipping costs. They think that it is a necessary evil, and that they cannot change it. The good news is that some logistics services international companies who have been in business for many years know some ways to reduce shipping costs. Some of the best ones are:

  • Negotiate with several carriers
  • Think about the dimensions and the weight on time
  • Use prepaid shipping online
Picture of a man thinking about the ways to reduce shipping costs
You can reduce shipping costs


Negotiating is a good way to get what you want. It might take time and persuasion, but you can get a really good deal in the end. And there is no need to be shy, everybody does it when looking for freight forwarders in Riyadh. In case you cannot get a lower price, many other shipping companies might be willing to negotiate. This way you can both get a deal that you profit from.

Think about dimensions and weight

The majority of international movers and packers in Riyadh charge by the weight of the inventory, and shipping companies are no different. But apart from the weight, the size of the boxes is also taken into consideration. Heavy items will cost more, and big boxes as well. If you have a small, lightweight item, there is no need to put it into a big box and pay more for it than needed. Always use the appropriate size for your items.

Use prepaid shipping

Many people don’t realize it, but you can save a huge amount of money if you pay for shipping in advance and online. You can save up to 60% for express shipping, which can be expensive, to begin with. This way, you will at least lower the expenses a little.

Picture of a person taking out a credit card
When looking for ways to reduce shipping costs, you need to be creative

Conclusion on ways to reduce shipping costs

When looking for ways to reduce shipping costs, be creative and innovative. The trends change fast, and you need to keep up with them. The pandemic has had a huge impact on shipping, sadly for the worse. Shipping costs skyrocketed, and the prices are still high. But the economy is recovering, so the prices are slowly going back to normal. The new normal is still expensive compared to before, thanks to the fuel price increases, but it is what it is. We need to adjust to the ever-changing world we live in!

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