Vehicle shipping problems and how to avoid them

Moving, no matter how far, is a very stressful process and it’s hard to decide what kind of problems you may come across especially if you are transporting your vehicle. Being one of your most valuable possession, your vehicle should not be trusted into the hands of whichever company. You also shouldn’t drive your vehicle by yourself so, in order to avoid potential problems, it’s essential to find a reliable moving company that will help you with your move. If you decide to move your vehicle with professionals, the national shipping company of Saudi Arabia is the perfect solution for you. By hiring professionals you know that you have done all you can to avoid potential vehicle shipping problems.

Common vehicle shipping problems

Vehicle shipping is such a stressful process that requires a lot of planning. No matter whether you are moving far away or not, there are some problems that may occur during car shipping. Following are some common vehicle shipping problems you may come across:

  • Late delivery – Even though companies try very hard to deliver your vehicle on time, sometimes late shipping happens due to different factors such as the weather, traffic jam, or traffic accidents.
  • Damage: this is the most common problem that occurs during transportation. However, the chances of any damage are very low if you choose a reliable shipping company.
  • Poor communication – Sometimes miscommunication can happen, so it is very important to establish good communication with your vehicle shipper.
Car shipping
There are many problems you may encounter while shipping your vehicle

How to avoid common vehicle shipping problems

Vehicle shipping is a very demanding process that requires a lot of attention both from the customers and the shipping company. Many problems may occur, and it’s normal since vehicle shipping is very complex. However, there are a few ways on how to avoid common shipping mistakes and prevent shipping problems. Here are a few tips on how to avoid vehicle shipping problems.

Prepare all the necessary documentation

Preparing your documents is the core to successful vehicle transportation especially when it comes to customs clearance. In order to pass the customs, you need to have everything in order. This means that you must have all the necessary documents prepared. However, if you want to know what kind of documents do you need and what are the customs requirements, we suggest you refer to our custom clearance and freight forwarding service. Our custom clearance specialists will make sure that your documentation is prepared on time thus ensuring you that there are no expensive delays.

Prepare your vehicle for shipping in order to avoid vehicle shipping problems

The first thing to do when preparing your vehicle for shipment is to empty it. Avoid shipping your vehicle with your belongings since you are risking vehicle damage. Although some shipping companies allow putting your personal belongings into your vehicle, it is not recommendable due to several reasons – that way you increase the weight of your vehicle which increases the shipping price as well.

Choose the right warehouse to store your vehicle

If you must move but don’t want to move your vehicle immediately, it is good to find some storage unit where you can keep it. Your vehicle requires a lot of attention, so search well before storing it in a warehouse. When choosing a warehouse, pay attention to the following details:

  • Highly secured and alarmed storage unit
  • 24-hour video surveillance for your vehicle
  • Temperature controlled and air-conditioned warehouse
  • Vehicle cleaning
  • Vehicle maintenance
An empty warehouse
Choose the right warehouse to store your vehicle before shipping

Don’t misrepresent the details of your vehicle

The most common mistake when shipping your vehicle is to misrepresent your car details. Usually, the owners are not aware of how important is to provide the right details. This is very important because shipping companies must decide how to transport your vehicle safely.

Get your insurance

If you are moving your vehicle overseas it is good to have full-coverage insurance. Choose a shipping company that offers an insurance plan which will protect your vehicle during transportation. This way, you can avoid additional expenses and get a refund if something happens to your car during transportation.

Hire a professional shipping company to avoid vehicle shipping problems

Vehicle shipping is such a stressful process that puts us under a lot of pressure. The reason for the pressure is that we are not familiar with proper vehicle transportation. We sometimes think that we can transport our vehicle by ourselves. We are not aware of all expenses it requires, from vehicle maintenance to the amount of petrol you’ll need. Also, you must plan rest stops and other road hassles. Also, spending a lot of time on the road can damage your vehicle especially if you are driving in an unfamiliar surrounding. So, in order to avoid wear and tear, it is better to let professionals handle your vehicle shipping. They will help you organize the pick-up and drop-off of your vehicle whenever and wherever you want.

Hire professional shipping company to avoid vehicle shipping problems
In order to avoid vehicle shipping problems, consider hiring professional shipping company

Benefits of professional vehicle shipping

There are many important benefits of hiring professionals to help you transport your vehicle. The main benefit is that it saves you a lot of time planning. It also protects your vehicle from damage, thus preventing it from extra mileage if you are transporting it yourself. What’s most important, it saves you money due to lower insurance costs. Some companies allow you to transport more than one vehicle and provide door-to-door shipping. There are also many attractive discounts. Among all, vehicle shipping with professionals saves both you and your family from the long-distance drive.

Car shipping by container

Another way of avoiding vehicle shipping problems is to load it on a container. This will ensure safer and quicker transportation. Shipping your car in a container may be a better solution than regular transportation, especially if you have some spare parts to move with your vehicle. The main advantage of using container shipping is faster custom clearance. So, if you decide to ship your vehicle in a container, then Four Winds Saudi Arabia is the perfect match for you. Our container shipping from UK to Saudi Arabia movers will make sure your vehicle arrives safe and on time.

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