Warehouse management trends for 2022

As we’re parting ways with 2021, a lot of things have been changing and still are. Everyone who owns a warehouse knows that staying in the know and adapting are key factors to success. Being aware of and following the new warehouse management trends for 2022 is bound to increase the productivity and overall efficiency of your business. That’s why as the best national shipping company of Saudi Arabia, we are determined to keep you in the know. Let’s get started!


As the number of warehouse Riyadh units is rising, the workload is not getting smaller. In 2022 a lot more machines, AI, and robotics, in general, are most likely to become the new norm. In many countries switching completely to machine-automated labor is not possible. Not only is it very expensive, but if you’re a business that values its employees, you’d never fire them for machines. But, as demand is rising, there are more and more things that need to be taken care of. This is the first of our warehouse management trends for 2022.

An empty warehouse
Everyone who owns a warehouse knows that staying in the know and adapting are key factors to success.

Which new implementations will be leading in 2022?

  • Automation of hard activities which include self-driving forklifts, self-managing inventory systems, self-driving ground vehicles, and other tasks that will reduce the need of someone doing it themselves. This will make sure that everything gets done quicker and better.
  • Something that will completely transform warehouse management is real-time tracking of any operations going on in the warehouse. Other things that will be tracked are shipping and the location of your shipped items. This means that all of these things will be managed by AI. The amazing thing about AI is that it doesn’t make mistakes, since it is a program, after all.
  • Forecast demand through warehousing solutions. This means all of your demand will be more accurately predicted and your warehouses can stay stocked at all times.

Supply chain as a service

As the industry is continuously evolving, almost everything is being offered as a service. Supply chain as a service, also known as SCaaS is a new approach that allows companies to generate a four or five times bigger return on investments. This is huge! It’s not a small difference, and you should be interested in it. Your warehouse upgrade will aid your logistics Saudi Arabia as well. So, what are you waiting for?

How does it work?

Your company can partner with a service partner who will support all parts of the supply chain. This includes production control, manufacturing, procurement, quality, warehousing, and even logistics. This is all possible due to the help of a virtual supply chain via cloud software. Cloud software in general is something that will be huge in 2022. Cloud technology is easy to use and very intuitive. Not only that but global spending on cloud usage has doubled over the last 4 years. And it will only continue to grow!

A man driving a forklift
Create the best environment for your employees and they will be loyal to you.

Sustainable warehouse management trends for 2022

As our world is becoming all the grayer, more and more companies are paying attention to their carbon footprint. We have only one Earth, and we need to take care of it better. Apart from the obvious benefit of having a planet to live on, sustainable warehousing will lower your utility bills. What’s better than protecting the planet and your wallet simultaneously?

Invest in energy-saving equipment

The first thing you can do to direct your business towards being green is to change the lights. Lights are such a small detail of your business that can easily be changed. An amazing eco-friendly option for your warehouse Saudi Arabia is LED lights. They are more on the pricier side when lightbulbs are in question, but they are well worth it. Not only will they use less energy, but they last longer than your typical lightbulb.

Plastic packaging? Who needs it?

Another one of warehouse management trends for 2022 will be biodegradable, eco-friendly packaging. Plastic packaging never degrades, or does so in a couple of hundred years, and does immense damage to our planet. Not only that, but you’ll be surprised to find out that eco-friendly packaging is actually cheaper to ship than what you would usually use. Biodegradable materials will degrade in a couple of years and won’t cause bigger issues to the ecosystem. By switching up your packaging options, you’re significantly lowering your carbon footprint while aiding your company’s budget.

Proper insulation

You might find this surprising, but another trend to look out for is insulating your warehouse. How does insulation help you? In the most logical way possible! With proper insulation, your winter heating and summer AC bills will be significantly lower. This is an amazing investment that will provide you with lower costs in the future. Give it a thought.

Drones as a warehouse management trend for 2022

Drones are becoming more and more popular as of late. Already we can see that some of the bigger corporations, such as Amazon, are implementing drone technology into their shipping. But this isn’t the only thing they are good for. Drones can, additionally, aid in inventory management. For example, when looking at the statistics, only 2 drones can do the job of around 100 people. And do it quicker as well!

A picture of a drone
Buy drones now! They will help you so much in the long run.

Another selling point for drone technology is that photo-sensitive drones can help you locate items in your warehouse quicker. Also, they can scan barcodes from up to 10 meters away.

Final thoughts on warehouse management trends for 2022

We’ve introduced you to some of the warehouse management trends for 2022 we will all see more of in the upcoming year. Now, it’s time for you to take action and change what needs to be changed. When you upgrade your warehouse, you’ll see your business start to flourish. There is no time to waste, get started now!

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