Warehousing dos and don’ts in Saudi Arabia

When they hear the term warehousing, most people imagine an enormous building with thousands of crates and employees. In most ways, this is true. However, the recent years saw the rise of a more personal need for warehousing. Many families and individuals began using warehouses as a reliable space to store their belongings, especially when moving long-distance. Not only do they offer to keep the items safe until you move in, but they also have vast storage options for all types of goods. If you are thinking of moving to Saudi Arabia, it’s equally important to find the right warehouse. Many shipping and logistic companies offer this service, but in reality, you don’t want to jump into this without prior research. Therefore, check the following warehousing dos and don’ts to ensure your moving to Saudi Arabia proceeds smoothly and stress-free.

Warehousing dos and don’ts – what you need to know

Before you do anything, take a look at the following checklist and plan based on your preferences.


  • Pack and label every belonging for easier inventory
  • Separate different types of goods (breakable, hazardous, temperature-sensitive, etc.)
  • Check the climate in the chosen region to avoid any unpleasant surprises while moving
  • Think of an approximate time you want your items to remain in the warehouse
Moving to Saudi Arabia
Moving locally or across the globe, always check the best warehousing options


  • Assume that the local movers plan everything; instead, provide them with your wishes to get the best quotes and prices
  • Forget to set a budget so you have to move in your belongings earlier than expected
  • Plan just for basic warehousing; investigate what other services the moving company offers
  • Fail to check delivery times with the local movers

Plan best warehousing options with a local team

The first thing to plan when warehousing is the time you want your goods to stay in them. Because of this, a warehouse in Saudi Arabia can prove to be quite a challenge for your items, namely if you are moving from the colder regions. Local teams offer two options: short and long-term warehousing. If you are thinking of storing your belongings for less than three months, then the short-term warehouse is the best option for you. Otherwise, it’s best to book on a long-term basis. Once you establish the time period, the next course of action is location.

Don’t worry, there is no need to Google close warehouses or map the routes. But don’t forget to check the weather in the region, just to avoid any unpleasant surprises. The moving company will be happy to assist you and offer a warehouse that is the most cost-effective solution to all your needs. While you are discussing this with them, be sure to check the delivery times. Based on the distance, many of them offer one-day delivery so your items can reach you as soon as you move in.

Warehousing dos and don'ts – plan ahead
The essential dos to any warehousing dos and don’ts is choosing a reliable moving company

The importance of inventory management and labeling

As already mentioned in the warehousing dos and don’ts checklist, inventory management is another crucial step. You want to avoid packing large electronic appliances with any items that are temperature sensitive. Be sure to properly label hazard materials, as well as those priceless and easily breakable family heirlooms. If you need any help with this or are unsure which packages and labels go with which goods, check shipping to Saudi Arabia tips and tricks for more info. This will help, not only with the moving process itself but also in warehousing. Employees will be able to more efficiently assist you if they know which items you have.

Different goods require different storage solutions

Depending on the type of belonging you plan to move, be sure to check with local movers which storage units within the warehouse would be most suitable. For example, if you have a couple of high-value items and want extra security for them, there are units equipped with security measures to keep them safe from theft. Plants, antiques, and similar perishable items will be stored in climate-controlled storage units. Any hazardous item or dangerous goods will have their own storing space where employees can handle them with extra care.  If that wasn’t enough to convince you, warehouses also have special security employees who are even trained to put out fires.

Hazard and dangerous goods
Don’t forget to label your goods correctly

Additional warehousing services

If you are moving to Riyadh, the capital city of Saudi Arabia, the Four Winds warehouse Riyadh is by far your best option. Not only do they offer usual warehousing services, but there are a lot of additional ones that you can choose from. The local team can assist you with packing and crating your goods, and even mark them with pallets. If you have a lot of items they offer inventory consolidation for better inventory management. In case you are moving your belongings separately, the local team will assist you with processing and assembling the goods as they arrive in the warehouse. These additional warehousing services are especially important if you are moving your business. You can then rest assured that a team of experienced professionals will be assigned to monitor your goods.

The local team also specializes in quality checking so the workflow of the entire warehouse is smooth and operational. This helps reduce inventory space so it can be better managed. Additionally, it ensures logistics and localization services run with no issues. You don’t even have to bring in your own equipment. The warehouse team has its own tools fit for any occasion. In conclusion, warehousing is your best and safest option when moving to Saudi Arabia from abroad. They are a safe place to store all your belongings and protect them from possible climate changes and thefts. As one of the top movers in the region, Four Winds Saudi Arabia will guarantee that the storage facilities are tailored to your unique needs and wishes. Be sure to go through these warehousing dos and don’ts with them as well, so you can best benefit from their expertise.

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