What are Shipper Owned Containers?

Moving abroad your whole household or company is quite an adventure. Sometimes ordinary packing techniques don’t seem to fit such a big move. That’s when shipper owned containers come into action, as the most reliable carriers of your items. If KSA is your new destination, freight forwarders in Riyadh are the top choice! A reputable freight forwarding company will ease up settling in a new country.

The ultimate solution for your move

Large freight containers are not exclusively reserved for big companies’ shipments. Though they are vastly used by businesses, you can have your freight containers as an individual. Use them whenever you need to, without being fully dependent on the carrier company. You’ll save time, money and stay in charge of your move.

A man jumping over the freight container
Transfer your shipment by leaps and bounds!

Benefits of owning shipping containers

If you often move internationally or are in a cargo shipping business, having a personal freight crate is a great choice. For an extra step ahead, get in touch with international movers and packers in Riyadh and assure your move to Saudi Arabia goes flawless. Having experts by your side during the move is most welcome! Get shipping containers and you’ll have even more benefits:

  • more freedom in organizing
  • less costly transfer
  • shipper owned containers can travel by multiple means of transport
  • you can use freight crates as a storage

Be a manager of your relocation

Shipper owned containers may bring more responsibility, but that’s minor compared to what you’re getting. And that’s a lot more freedom in decision-making during the move! Combine your relocation pace with logistics services international and enjoy your moving time. You’ll see that personal freight containers and personalized relocation assistance are a great match.

Also, by owning a shipping container, you don’t have to worry about possible delays. If you were renting a container from the carrier company, extra fees might apply. This happens if the container was too long in your possession. But you don’t have to think about that when you have your own freight container!

Move freight internationally with ease

There’s a lot to ship when moving internationally, especially when you’re carrying loads of items. For such big moves, it’s essential to hire professionals. Get in touch with a reliable national shipping company of Saudi Arabia for your move to Riyadh! And don’t worry about planes, boats or trucks. Freight containers can travel by any means of transport! Choose the optimal way of traveling and your cargo will be following you.

Freight moving trucks on the road
Your cargo will be traveling safely to a new destination

Need extra space for your items?

When you start unpacking, you might need more time to find a suitable place for all items. Another benefit of shipper owned containers is that you can use them as a temporary storage space. They are strong and durable enough to sustain weight and your items will be safely stored until you need them again. Why rent storage space when you can use your own!

Preparing for an overseas move takes a lot of time and planning. After choosing the new location, get the best moving assistance and packing supplies. With shipper owned containers you can’t go wrong and your move will run smoothly. These strong and steady crates won’t let you down!

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