What are the best ways to pack clothes for a move?

To move, one has to pack clothes. It might seem like a big job, especially if you have a full closet of clothes. However, it is not a big deal. Four Winds Saudi Arabia will help you pack clothes for a move! If you want to pack clothes as quickly as possible, you need to have a plan.

Or you can follow these steps:

  1. Analyze your clothes
  2. Sort and pack clothes
  3. Use smart techniques
A rack of clothes
Before you pack clothes, you should get rid of everything you don’t use.

Analyze your clothes

Usually, people tend to keep everything they can. That goes for clothes as well. We are used to keeping our old, rarely used pants or t-shirts. Or jackets that we wore three or two times in hopes that we will wear them later. That’s how clothes pile up and take our free space. Therefore, before you use relocation services Saudi Arabia, you should get rid of everything you haven’t worn in months. From shoes to wardrobe pieces. If they are in good condition, you can donate, give or sell them. When you get rid of old unused clothes, you’ll have fewer clothes to pack for a move.

Sort and pack clothes for a move

The next thing you need to do is sort and pack clothes. You can sort them by materials, color, by seasons, etc. The sorting process is crucial for packing. For example, if you decide to sort them by materials, you should label boxes by materials (cotton, satin, wool…). Moreover, if you divide them by material, you will need a bunch of medium-sized boxes. If you decide to label them by season, you will need four big boxes. If you do packing by yourself and don’t use packing services from packaging companies in Saudi Arabia, you will reduce the price of moving. That also goes for using your packing supplies.

Use smart techniques when packing clothes

The best way to pack clothes for a move is by using smart packing techniques. They save space and time. For example, you can pack your jackets, coats, and jumpers with hangers. Moreover, you can hang multiple shirts and blouses before hanging a jacket or a coat on the same hanger. You can use your shoeboxes to pack shoes and pack your socks in your sneakers and boots.

You can pack your underwear in a plastic bag and then put it in the sleeves of your jackets or coats. As for jewelry, scarves, and underwear, they can also be packed in your shoulderbags. Also, instead of boxes, you can use regular bags, suitcases, and even vacuum bags. If you have any fragile piece of furniture that has sentimental value, you can pack it with your clothes. If you pack clothes smartly, you will not be needing service from storage Jeddah since there will be fewer boxes to carry.

A boxes with packed clothes
To pack clothes for a move, you need to organize them first.

In conclusion, the best way to pack clothes for a move is by getting rid of excess clothes, dividing your clothes, and then using smart packing techniques. By organized packing, you will save yourself time when packing and unpacking.

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