What is Expedited Shipping?

In some cases, expedited shipping is the only way to finish the job on time. It does not mean only fast service, but faster than any other service you know. It means that the company should organize air cargo from the USA to Saudi Arabia for fewer days than it is usual. Even one day shorter belongs to this class of services. However, prepare yourself for the higher price of this service which company could charge per day. Expedited shipping also affects other standard services that you should get.

  • You should prepare yourself for changing of priorities – safety is not at first place (although it presumes a high level of protection)
  • It is hard to define faster shipping since you cannot know how fast would your goods come using standard services;
  • Some companies order this service to be sure that they will expedite their assets, no matter when;
  • This service companies and individuals commonly use in natural disasters when it is essential to send medicine and food on time – that is why human organizations use cold chain services;
  • Make sure that you have calculated how expedited shipping will cost.

In some cases, companies must prepare documentation that will follow your goods. Of course, you should know that expedited shipping cannot be much faster than standard shipping. After all, international movers have to use transportation that needs a specific time for coming at the destination, and there is no space for making it much shorter.

You should choose this option if you need an extremely fast delivery of your goods

When to use expedited shipping

Although for some companies this is the only way to ship goods, you should not spend money on it with no needs. There are situations when usual services can send your products on time. Make sure that your needs are so vital that you can use only this type of service.

Shipping of medical facilities

It is maybe the most used service for transportation of medications and drugs. Not only that they need to be on time for people that they need. They also should follow special legislation that includes expiration date and temperature. Of course, in case you have this to ship, you should find a company that understands your needs and limitations. Also, choose a company that has experience in this type of shipping.

People use this service for transporting machines parts

In situations when a company uses sensitive machines, they could easily break down them during the work. Every day of delaying costs, so they will pay as much they can to provide spare part. In that case, fast shipping is crucial for their business.

Choose right shipping options

You do not need to order air cargo for faster shipping. Companies use other types of transportation for these purposes. Even local movers in Jeddah use their trucks to offer this service. You can choose between numerous options, like a full truck, two trucks, or special protection of your goods.

How to choose the right company for expedited shipping

Since it is hard to precisely predict how long your goods should travel to the final destination, it is hard to say which service is the best. You cannot know offered period needed for this is the shorter than you can make. However, you should choose a professional company that will transport your goods right.

Air cargo
Choose transport company smartly if you need expedited shipping

How to estimate the final period needed for shipping

It is hard to predict how long everyday shipping will take. However, you should know that everything shorter than three days considers a short time and fast shipping. Or course, you can ask more than one company for advice and then estimate how long it would take.

Price could be seriously important

Even though people do not worry about the price, you should know that price is seriously essential in this service. Some companies could use the trouble and offer much more worth than it is needed. Also, you should compare lost in case that you have not shipped goods faster and price for expedited shipping.

You always should choose one of the professional companies

It is for sure that everybody should hire professionals when shipping in any circumstances. However, you should know that shipping companies, although professional, not always skilled for particular services. You should choose the best in that field. The best way is to check in their associations and organizations.

Ensure online tracking

You can easily track your ship in any circumstances, but it is highly essential in expedited shipping. The reason is straightforward. You cannot follow your goods if you do not have a truck number and insurance. Luckily, companies know that and offer these services for free or for a low price.

Think twice about expedited shipping since it is a very expensive service

Consider using other services instead of expedited shipping

There are still ways and reasons to consider replacing this service with any other cheaper one. You should know that in some cases expedited shipping means not much care about safety, packaging and manipulating with the package at the destination. In fact, that you have valuable goods or you need to have proof that they have packed your shipping correctly, you should pay particular attention to that. Even if that means avoiding fast service.

Consider how fast do you need

In some cases, faster shipping makes the difference between a week and two days. However, maybe your shipping takes for only half-day shorter than usual. In that case, you should consider using standard types of transportation and avoid high prices. You can always make changes in your business to accept this trouble, though.

Save money on other services

People always think about how to save money and sometimes make crucial mistakes in business. Sometimes it is better to take more expensive expedited shipping than lost money. However, you can always save money on other services that are not important for your current business. Make this decision smartly, and after a while, you will be able to estimate importance for every service you use.

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