What to expect from 2020 peak shipping season?

It is very important for cargo shipping companies in Saudi Arabia to know what to expect from 2020 peak shipping season. The busiest time of the year can cause stress due to growing demand and tight deadlines. There have been many speculations about what peak season will look like in 2020, especially because of the coronavirus confusion. Read on and find out how to prepare for this period and ship cargo smoothly.

Covid-19 has affected the peak shipping season

The peak shipping season is the busiest time of year for shipping companies. This period is usually associated with holidays, the back-to-school season, etc. This is when customer demand skyrockets every year. However, this year coronavirus has changed everything. It has affected all areas of life and all industries. Certain sectors, such as the healthcare industry, have had higher demand than usual. On the other hand, other sectors are struggling to survive. That is why we can expect an unusual peak shipping season in 2020.

Coronavirus has had an impact on 2020 shipping season.
COVID-19 has affected all spheres of our lives. Many industries have felt its impact, including the shipping industry

Delays and hurdles are inevitable

The pandemic has taken its toll on both ocean shipping and air transportation. The peak season begins much earlier due to delays and issues caused. Shipping must be done in advance in order to meet deadlines. Make sure to contact your logistics provider in advance. Professionals will guide you through the shipping process during the peak season. In this way, you will secure a fast and smooth clearance of cargo. This is very important as it will prevent costly and time-consuming delays.

Air and ocean services must adjust to higher demand during the peak shipping season. Higher traffic and lack of time can cause problems with cargo handling. There are more cases of damaged cargo during peak season than usual. Now is the time to revisit your package materials as package handlers will be less careful. The importance of proper packing is particularly important during this period. It is necessary to use high-quality packing supplies and handle cargo with care.

Tight capacity during the busiest time of the year is not unusual. However, this season there is a decrease in the truck driver workforce during the pandemic. This is another factor to take into consideration. Shortage of drivers and higher demand will present a challenge you can expect from 2020 peak shipping season.

Hire a reliable shipping company to avoid possible issues

Finding a national shipping company of Saudi Arabia that can meet your needs is very important. The company you choose should offer services your business requires. Does your shipper have a high level of service rates? How long has it been in the marketplace? Also, customers want to be able to track their shipment. Check whether your particular shipper has tracking options. One of the determining factors is, of course, the cost of service. Make a list of companies that meet your needs and compare their quotes. In addition to pricing, it is important to consider quality and delivery time. Remember that it is important to secure capacity in advance due to the greater shortage during peak season.

A reliable shipping company will handle your cargo with care.
It is important to prepare and pack your cargo carefully during the busiest period of the year. remember that there are more cases of cargo damage and losses during the peak season

An increase in pricing is what you can expect from 2020 peak shipping season

Higher shipping price is another trend you can expect from 2020 peak shipping season. The reason for this is the rise in demand and tight capacity. Companies have fewer available shipping dates. The rise in demand makes carriers increase freight rates. Port charges also go up as well as storage fees. So, be prepared for peak season surcharges.

How to save money even during the peak season?

If you are wondering how to save money even during this busy season the answer is – plan ahead. Analyze your orders and prioritize those that are time-sensitive. If necessary, hire third-party logistics companies that will help you prepare and fill in the necessary paperwork. Hire experts that are well-trained and knowledgeable who can facilitate and accelerate this process. The peak shipping season can be very challenging. However, planning ahead and hiring 3PLs are good tactics to ensure the safe and timely arrival of goods.

It is possible to save money during the peak season.
Shipping price increases during the peak season but it is possible to save money even during this period

Shipping before the height of peak season will save significant money. Also, this is a good way to control costs and avoid delays. Of course, you have to balance schedule and storage availability. Don’t find yourself fighting for space on vessels. Prepare for 2020 peak season in order to meet your customers’ deadlines. A solid plan will help you survive the busy period without stress and save money.

In conclusion

Shipping and logistics companies are wondering what to expect from 2020 peak shipping season. This is the busiest period of the year and it is extremely important to make a solid and sustainable plan. This shipping season is slightly different than usual. The reason is the coronavirus pandemic which has far-reaching consequences. It has affected all spheres of life and is one of the greatest challenges our society has faced. If companies don’t plan and prepare for this period, they will have to face a logistics nightmare.

That is why it is important to plan your activities ahead. Hiring a reliable shipping company will greatly facilitate the peak season. Also, logistics professionals can help you meet customers’ requests. They provide all kinds of services, from cargo transportation and freight forwarding to customs clearance and cold chain services. In addition to that, packing and warehousing are also very important. During the busiest time of the year, improper handling of cargo is more often than usual. That is why it is particularly important to protect and pack shipment properly. All in all, start making plans immediately and avoid the hustle and bustle of peak season.

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