What to leave behind when moving to KSA?

Moving to a foreign country is a complicated matter that brings many questions. Things like preparing the right documentation, finding a new home, or hiring a moving company are certainly of top priority. But because there are so many important things to worry about, people usually forget to think about other things that are not so significant. Unfortunately, those less important questions could easily become large problems if they are not addressed properly and on time. One of the questions that could certainly complicate your relocation is what to leave behind when moving to KSA. You need to think about which items you will present to Saudi customs clearance. And you need to think about it on time. Here is how to do it.

Do not wait for the last day to think about this matter

What to leave behind when moving to Saudi Arabia is something that people usually forget to think about. And only when they start packing they realize the should’ve removed a number of things. By then, it is probably too late to deal with it. First, it takes a lot of time to decide what to leave behind. Because there are so many different factors that could influence your decision. And when you finally decide, it will take time to get rid of it all. Therefore, it is crucial to start thinking about this matter well before your packing day.

Watch close up
It takes time to prepare your moving inventory

How to decide what to leave behind when moving to KSA?

But how to decide what to leave behind when relocating to KSA? As mentioned above, many factors can affect your decision. Most of the time, the financial aspect is the most important. International relocations are expensive. A large part of that price includes the service of transporting your items overseas. And your price is calculated according to the weight of your moving inventory.

So, for example, if you remove a few pieces of heavy furniture, you could significantly reduce the price of your move. Sometimes it can even cost more to move an item than to buy a new one in Saudi Arabia. Of course, there are items that you shouldn’t count only by their weight. Like your car for example. Check shipping car from USA to Saudi Arabia price before you decide whether to ship or sell your vehicle.

Think about your new home before you decide what to leave behind when moving to KSA

One of the factors that can also influence your decision on what to leave behind is the size and configuration of your new home. Maybe you are moving to a smaller home. If you do, you will have a lot of work before you get ready for the move.

Maybe you are moving to a home that has a kitchen installed. In that case, you will not carry your cupboards, oven, fridge. But maybe only your small appliances and kitchenware.

If you have a yard and outdoor furniture, you will not need to carry it if you will be living in a building apartment.

Maybe your new home is fully-furnished, and you do not need your furniture at all. Of course, you will certainly need a few more pieces. But you will save a lot on air cargo from USA to Saudi Arabia, and you will be able to afford it.

White kitchen
Maybe your new home already has a kitchen

Maybe you have old items that you would like to get rid of

The thing that can also be important when you think about the things to leave behind is your opinion on your items. Maybe there are things that you would like to replace. Some items may be already too old or not in good shape for long-distance shipping to Saudi Arabia.  Of course, there is also a question of whether you will be able to find certain items in a foreign country. Or their price there. So before you make a decision to throw something away, make sure that you will manage to replace it in Saudi Arabia. Or that its price is not something that you cannot pay.

If you would like to live like a Saudi, leave everything behind

When it comes to moving to Saudi Arabia from the USA, the cultural differences you will encounter are numerous. Some people like to embrace a new culture, some like to stick to their own. Maybe you are the type of person that would like to live like a real Saudi, and you are thinking about equipping your new home Saudi Arabian style.

If that is your wish, you will either have to find a furnished home or sell your items and buy new after the move. If you are doing the selling old, buying new option, make sure that you do good research, and prepare a smart plan. You do not want to end up broke and without furniture in a foreign country.

Leave your winter clothes behind when moving to Saudi Arabia

Moving to a foreign country is not all about furniture. There are other items as well. One of the things to worry about when moving to the Persian Gulf area is your clothes. Of course, you are aware that the weather in Saudi Arabia is a little bit different than in the US. So if you are moving from a colder climate, you do not have to drag all your winter clothes with you. Even though there are a few cold days here too, you will not need your skiing outfit and everything.

Winter clothes
Winter clothes are one of the things that you can leave behind when moving to KSA

Inform yourself about Saudi import laws before you pack

Finally, when you are thinking about what to leave behind when moving to Saudi Arabia, you have to consider import laws and regulations as well. Saudi Arabia, like every other country in the world, has its own set of laws and regulations. And they are strict when it comes to applying them. So make sure that you inform yourself well before you pack your boxes and bags.

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