What To Look For When Leasing Warehouse & Distribution Space

When looking for a warehouse or distribution space for your business, there are many things to consider. First of all, the most important factor is the kind of business you conduct, since this will be a determining factor in many different ways. Depending on your needs, you will look for different things, such as the height of the unit, climate control, or security that is present in the space. Finding a good warehouse space can be a challenge, but you will be successful if you know what to look for. To help you in your search, Four Winds Saudi Arabia has created this useful guide on what to look for when leasing warehouse & distribution space.

Confirm the usable space when leasing warehouse & distribution space

If you need a lot of space, then make sure the unit you lease is big enough. Sometimes, the calculation of the square footage of a space can be misleading since you may not be able to use all of the space. There may be support beams in awkward places. Or, the landlord may have calculated the surface area based on the outside space, not the inside surface area. So, talk to the landlord about how they calculate the usable surfaces in the warehouse. By doing research and getting informed, you will be able to choose the best warehouse Saudi Arabia has to offer.

Make sure you have enough usable space in the warehouse

Check the expansion options when leasing warehouse space

If you run a big business and are planning to expand in the future, then confirm the warehouse you choose can support your expansion. You might have a difficult time finding good warehouse space. So, it will be even more troublesome to have to move around often in search of a bigger space. If this is the case, make sure to confirm the warehouse Riyadh can offer has the option to expand according to your needs.

Find out the operating expenses

When renting warehouse space, make sure you ask the landlord what the lease includes. Operating costs usually include taxes, maintenance, and insurance, but they could cover even more. So, find out everything you can about what you will be paying for and what the landlord is paying for.

Make sure the warehouse space is accessible

Accessibility is an important factor when leasing warehouse & distribution space. That is why we should confirm all the rules and regulations with the landlord. Some warehouse and distribution spaces have specific regulations when it comes to accessibility. So, if you need to drive special equipment inside the warehouse, make sure you are able to. Check with the landlord if you can drive trucks or other heavy machinery around the warehouse. Also, make sure you have enough parking spaces for all your vehicles.

Three large white trucks in loading area
Make sure the space is accessible for all of your vehicles

Ask about the security when leasing commercial space

Most warehouses are secured against burglary and theft. However, if you are planning on storing items of great value, make sure the security measures fit your needs. Check whether there are security cameras on the premises. Also, make sure you have the only keys for your space. In addition, there could be security guards present at the premises. Ask the landlord how they vet the security workers and what requirements they have for hiring them. This way, you will make sure your goods are in the best possible hands.

Find out the zoning regulations

When looking for warehouse space, find out if the space is specifically zoned for that purpose. If the zoning permits are different from what you need, you will not be able to rent the space. Different places have different zoning permits, so ask the landlord about the storage space you are planning on renting. If the zoning permit does not match your intended use, you can check if the landlord would be willing to change it. They can apply for a permit change and do all the necessary paperwork.

Inspect the loading area and confirm it will meet your requirements

This point is easy to forget, but it is very important. Different warehouses have different building specifications, and the loading area may be smaller than what you need. So, get the measurements of the loading area and confirm that the trucks you usually use for delivery can fit inside the area. If the area does not fit your needs exactly, ask the landlord if they will make the necessary changes to accommodate your business.

Ask about the electricity

Depending on your needs and the type of business you run, your electricity needs could be quite specific. Ask about the electrical grid in the warehouse and whether it can support all your appliances. Also, make sure it has enough sockets for all your machines. If the landlord is not sure about the details, then arrange for an inspection of the building. You can also hire an electrician to make the necessary adjustments to the grid.

When leasing warehouse & distribution space, check if the warehouse offers extra services

If you are planning on storing specialty items, you may need to confirm that the warehouse offers climate control. Ask the landlord about the HVAC (the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning). Some warehouses are built with only basic HVAC, so make sure the warehouse you are easing has everything you require. Or, the landlord could leave it up to the tenant to install the necessary climate control units. There are many logistics companies in Saudi Arabia that offer warehouse and distribution space for rent, so make sure you shop around and find the best one for you. Also, some warehouses offer to accept your goods for you. So, you can rest assured that your deliveries will always be accepted, no matter if you are there or not.

Man accepting a delivery as part of extra services when leasing warehouse & distribution space
When leasing warehouse & distribution space, ask the landlord if they offer any extra services, such as accepting deliveries for you

As we have seen, there are many factors to consider when leasing warehouse & distribution space. You have to think about the zoning laws, the usable space, and the loading area, among other things. It can be a challenge to find the best warehouse space for you. Still, you can make sure you are getting the best deal by being well informed and by knowing what to look for.

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