What to pack in your hand luggage when moving abroad

If you are moving abroad that means you will travel long distances. Whether by plane or boat, you need to have a bag close to you holding all the necessities you need for the road. With that in mind, we help you understand what you should pack in your hand luggage, as it will be by your side throughout the whole journey. However, if you need help planning and packing your household for the move, we advise hiring packers and movers in Jeddah to help you with everything you need. So, why is your hand luggage important, especially when moving on longer distances?

Why is it important that you know what to pack in your hand luggage?

Hand luggage is something you will have by your side when travelling. This means that the one bag you can carry inside a plane, for example, needs to contain everything you might need for the road. For the items you move with you, apart from the hand luggage, you can hire packaging companies in Saudi Arabia.

a backpack with items around it as a representation of what you should pack in your hand luggage
Your personal luggage should contain everything you will be needing while travelling

Being fully ready for the road ahead is going to ensure you have a safe and positive experience while travelling. So, what are the must-haves when packing your hand luggage?

  • Your personal documentation and devices
  • Food and drinks
  • Hygenic products and spare clothes

Your personal documentation and devices

The first thing you need to pack in your hand luggage is documentation. This documentation will help you travel and move without any issues. For instance, you need to pack your passport, your ID, as well as other documentation required of you. In addition, you should also pack your devices like your cellphone and charger. This is to ensure you can contact anyone you need at any time. Moreover, these are all necessities and something everyone should know before moving.

Food and drinks

Having food and drink by your side while travelling is always advisable. Regardless if you travel by car, train, bus, plane or boat. Water is the most important thing to have to make sure you stay hydrated.

a bottle of water on the table in a dark room
Regardless of where or how you travel, you should always bring enough water

However, if you do not want to carry meals with you, you can buy enough snacks to maintain your hunger while on the road. Make sure you pack in your hand luggage enough to have all essentials when moving abroad.

Hygenic products and spare clothes are a must to pack in your hand luggage

Before you decide to pack any liquids, mainly alcohol, make sure you do not have any issues when crossing the border. Different countries have different rules and regulations on items that enter their territory. Nonetheless, make sure to pack tissues, a hand sanitiser and a towel or two, just in case. Additionally, pack a pair of spare clothes in case you need to change during the long trip ahead of you.

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