Which packing supplies can be recycled

We are listening daily about the need to go green. There is so much pollution all over the planet. And every eco-friendly solution is welcome. So, instead of simply throwing things away, you could consider disposing of them differently. The same goes for the packing supplies. We all have to keep in mind that even the small changes are making a big difference. In packers and movers in Saudi Arabia we are always ready to support eco-friendly storing solutions. Also, when providing the packing material, we give advice to our customers. Most of the packing supplies can be recycled.

When purchasing packing supplies, ask which of them you can recycle

What if you are not sure which of the packing supplies you can recycle. No problem. The kind employees of packaging companies in Jeddah will be glad to answer your questions. To start with, here is a shortlist of such supplies.

Cardboard boxes tied up for recycling - packing supplies can be recycled.
Like the cardboard boxes, most of the packing supplies can be recycled.

It is easy to recycle the cardboard boxes

Most people are using cardboard boxes for packing. And they don’t use them only in the moving industry. The good cardboard boxes are durable and affordable. And a well-made cardboard box you can reuse several times. Also, you can easily recycle this type of packing material. The process is rather simple. It is enough for operators to put cardboard into the shredding machine and turn it into the pasty mixture. After that, they will wash the pulp, spread it onto molds, and dry it. Thay way they will produce new corrugated cardboard sheets.

In case you decide to reuse the cardboard boxes talk to relocation services Saudi Arabia. They will always accept your items packed in the reused boxes. The only condition is that boxes are in good shape.

How can you recycle bubble wrap?

It is not only possible to recycle this packing supply. It is also recommendable. Essentially, the bubble wrap is made of plastic. And it has a much wider application than moving. There are also air pillows, shipping envelopes, and bubble mailers. All of them are made of similar plastic, like grocery plastic bags. So, it is possible to process them together.

Before recycling these packing supplies must go through the machine which is popping all bubbles. Once all the bubble sheets are flat pieces of plastic, the operators will take them into a grounding-up facility. Then, they will cut them into small plastic pellets. They will then melt the petals into the shapeless plastic mass. Usually, they turn the mass into new grocery shopping bags or soft plastic bins.

Green and purple succulent plants.
Cardboard boxes can be used to make compost, that will feed flowers.

How should you recycle the stretch wrap?

Stretch wrap is lately in use everywhere. People use it from packing food to wrapping furniture. So, it may cause huge pollution. That’s why it is good to recycle it. The process to recycle this packing supply is very similar to processing bubble wrap.

Can you recycle styrofoam peanuts?

It is very hard to recycle styrofoam peanuts. So, most of the facilities will refuse them. Rather than throwing them, you can still reuse them. You can always gift them to someone. Or use them when preparing your boxes for the warehouse in Saudi Arabia. This way you will not pollute nature. And you will properly pack your items in storage.

By recycling packing supplies, we create a more sustainable world

Next time when you are unpacking, think before tossing the package into the garbage bin. Maybe you can reuse it. Or it can help someone who is moving or preparing boxes for storage. There are so many ways how you can recycle packing supplies. Also, the cardboard boxes can be used to create compost. In that way, they will not only keep your town clean. They will help to enrich the soil. And rich soil will feed the plants, the lungs of the planet.

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