Why are People Moving to Saudi Arabia

People have always migrated searching for better living conditions. Even in the earliest history of mankind, entire nations moved across the continents to find proper places with enough resources. That human search for a better life is still present today. One of the particularly interesting and desirable destinations for life in recent times is Saudi Arabia. People decide to take this step for a variety of reasons. Our little survey reveals the most common reasons why are people moving to Saudi Arabia. What is it that attracts them to this exotic destination? With the help of moving companies in Saudi Arabia, this can easily become your new reality. It’s up to you to dare, and relocation is our concern. And we will try to bring this idea closer to you with the following reasons and benefits of relocation to KSA. 

Fast-growing economy

For some time, Saudi Arabia has been one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Mainly, thanks to the wealth of its natural resources, and the liberalization of its global trade and the economy overall. Saudi Arabia boasts colossal reserves of natural gas and oil. Its entire economy is dominated by petroleum and related industries. Its gas reserves placed it in 5th place, and in terms of oil, it is the world’s 2nd power, right after Venezuela. It is also in the top 10 in terms of oil processing, production, and export. The economic growth of Saudi Arabia was not destabilized even by the COVID-19 pandemic. KSA quickly recovered and continued as in the pre-corona time. In 2022 GDP growth reached a rate of 7,5%, which is the highest rate from 2011. Packing companies in Saudi Arabia will quickly prepare your inventory for relocation if these numbers appeal to you. 

man in front of the monitor with the charts
The thriving economy is one of the reasons why are people moving to Saudi Arabia.

Namely, Saudi Arabia became a member of the World Trade Organization in December 2005. Since then, it has had to align its trade policy and regulation in line with international practices. This led to modernization and expansion in foreign trade, so that already in 2020 became the 30th country in the terms of export. And at the same time, increased export had a positive impact on production and the logistics sector, and on the entire economy. Saudi Arabia became the leading economic giant in the region among the Arab States and the 18th largest economy in the world. All this speaks in favor of the fact that the economy of Saudi Arabia is stable. So the timing to move to KSA couldn’t be better. And relocation to Saudi Arabia has never made more sense than it does today.

Career opportunities are the motive why are people moving to Saudi Arabia

Such a rapidly growing economy like Saudis requires a constant increase in the labor force. This led to the creation of a large number of new job places and the immigration of workers from all over the world. The measures taken by the government encouraged foreign workers to come even more. Figures say that in 2021 Saudi Arabia had about 13.5 million expatriates, which is more than a 3rd of its entire population. Excellent working conditions, high salaries, and the low cost of living are the main reasons why are people moving to Saudi Arabia. In the past year, the jobs in-demand were in the field of digital and social media marketing, data analysis, real estate, construction engineering, etc. Have in mind, the condition is that you are highly qualified and experienced. Our relocation services Saudi Arabia are affordable and diverse, so we can fulfill all your demands. 

Expat communities for foreign workers

One of the measures adopted by the government is the construction of expat communities. These modern and urban districts are designed to meet all the needs their residents might have. They consist of all the luxuries and necessities of the western world and excellent accommodations. These residential complexes have restaurants, shopping centers, gyms and markets, and everything else that is needed for a pleasant stay for expats. Al Nakhla complex is considered one of the most comfortable expat communities in Riyadh. You can rent an apartment or a villa with a pool, for a shorter or longer period. Of course, there are more affordable or even more luxurious options. Which option you would choose certainly depends on your finances. However, in most cases, employers are the ones who provide accommodation for foreign workers. Or at least they pay out rent money in an addition to salary. 

woman in hijab having a job interview is one of the reasons why are people moving to Saudi Arabia
Career opportunities and job openings are also the reasons why are people moving to Saudi Arabia.

Most expatriates live in Jeddah and Riyadh, the two largest cities in the Kingdom. If you opt for a Riyadh, you won’t be wrong. It’s an urban and vivid metropolis, providing excellent living conditions and a variety of services for its residents. And our international movers Riyadh are precisely specialized in moving foreigners. We provide a door-to-door service, which means you won’t have to deal with freight forwarding. We would ship it for you, and you just need to pick your preferred option, by air or ship.

Satisfactory wages are the crucial reason why are people moving to Saudi Arabia

Salaries are certainly one of the crucial reasons why are people moving to Saudi Arabia. Not only are the salaries high, but they are also tax-free. Compared to the average income taxes in the world which goes up to 50%, it follows that tax-free wages in KSA are higher than anywhere else in the world. Therefore, more can be saved in a shorter time, which is a huge motivation for young professionals. Although your relocation might be pricey, with the average Saudi salary you will quickly recoup the money spent. An average monthly salary for 2022 is 10,238 SAR, which is $2,724, 50. And if your employer rents an apartment for you, and compensates you for transportation costs to work, the salary will be enough for a decent living. This also leaves the possibility of saving more. 

brown passport and airplane toyon the table
Expats most often choose Riyadh’s communities to live in.

Lower costs of living compared to the west

The cost of living in Saudi Arabia is notably lower than in western countries. This is largely due to high earnings and a tax-free policy. In addition, Saudi Arabia is a country of abundance, so due to the large supply, the prices of everything are lower. International trade agreements have also lowered the cost of importing and shipping goods, which has also had a positive effect on the prices of daily necessities. The two items that cost the most on a monthly level are definitely rent and food. For a family of four, it takes about 10,200 SAR per month, without rent. Which is about a third less than in other countries of the region. It is similar in comparison to Europe as well. For instance, the average cost of living in KSA is 43% lower than in the UK, and 30% less expensive than in Germany. 

  • Rent is certainly a major expense. A four-bed apartment in an expat compound could be rented for $1600. In more luxurious neighborhoods, rents for three-bed apartments go up to $4260. But in more distant suburbs rents are even more affordable. 
  • Utilities are also a lot cheaper in Saudi Arabia. Monthly bills for water, electricity, gas, and garbage are only about $70. For another $70 you will get unlimited internet. And a minute in the local prepaid tariff costs $0.13. 
  • Food is no more expensive than somewhere in Europe. However, cooking on your own can notably lower your expenses on food, as groceries in markets are much cheaper. In a low-cost local restaurant, a regular meal costs about $6.66. That’s how much you’ll pay for a meal at McDonald’s in Riyadh, too. And for a decent meal for two in a mid-priced restaurant, you’ll pay $45.
map of the world made of coins represents the reason why people like Saudi Arabia
The costs of living are lower in KSA.

Lifestyle is a mixture of old traditional ways and modern and urban

Expats in Saudi Arabia can enjoy luxuries that are otherwise out of their reach. High earnings and lower costs of living, leave room for a variety of privileges. So, many can afford to hire a driver, a maid, a sitter, or even movers and packers Dammam during their relocation. Their standard of living notably improves compared to the lives in their homelands. Other than that, the life of expats in Saudi Arabia is pretty much tied only to the community in which they live. They rarely leave their settlements, while the Saudis are prohibited from entering these residences. However, those who accept to obey the strict rules of behavior and customs of their hosts can freely enjoy all the charms of Saudi Arabia. And exploring this exotic country of the Far East is the reason why are people moving to Saudi Arabia.

Culture and rich heritage have always attracted foreigners

Understanding the culture and customs of the Far East is a very important factor if you want to settle down in this faraway country. For those who dare to come and explore this desert beauty, adventure and excitement are guaranteed. And those others who have already experienced the local culture and tradition, testify about the exceptional hospitality of the Saudis. When you meet Saudis, you will see how deeply religious and family-oriented they are. Many of the customs and traditions are centuries old and rooted in their Islamic heritage. All of this is a pure exoticism that attracts newcomers from the west. If you are also one of the Saudi Arabia culture enthusiasts, our moving companies in Yanbu can move your household quickly and affordably.

a lot of people in white robes on the rocky mountain in Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia is rich in culture and tradition.

Shopping is an important part of the Saudis lifestyle

Saudi Arabia is a dream come true for shopaholics, with shopping malls opening on every corner. These malls are designed to provide protection from the desert sun and all-day entertainment for families. Consumers can find all world-famous brands and not just that. Shopping malls in KSA offer a lot more activities for the whole family. Your kids can enjoy themselves in one of the playgrounds and game rooms, while you’re shopping for necessities. Afterward, you can all have a snack in one of the restaurants or pause at a cafe. The biggest mall in KSA is Al Nakheel in Riyadh, which consist of more than 300 shops, diners, and fun venues. On the other hand, you can visit one of the local markets to sense the real spirit of everyday life. There you’ll find souvenirs, like spices, famous rugs, etc. 

Great weather and travel are the reasons why are people moving to Saudi Arabia

The climate varies from region to region, but overall weather is warm and sunny, with arid and very hot summers.  Winters can be chilly in January, and summers are extremely hot, especially in July when the temperature exceeds 100F degrees. If we exclude the 4 summer months from May to September, the weather is pleasant and mostly clear all year round. During this period the weather is perfect for exploring and traveling, visiting unreal beaches and mountain ranges. And then you can go fishing, snorkeling, or camping in the desert. Or if you prefer mountains, don’t miss visiting Asir National Park where you can climb and hike. When summer returns you can rent a unit in a warehouse in Saudi Arabia and store your props until next year. 

desert dune under the blue sky
Exquisite nature and landscapes attract tourists.

Saudi Arabia is a very interesting place to visit and explore as a tourist. Since 2013, the government allowed issuing visas and opened borders for foreign travelers and tourists. Visitors are mainly attracted by adventure tourism, camel riding, dune bashing, hiking, and camping in the desert. Another type of tourism that is highly popular in KSA, is religious tourism. Pilgrims from all over the world come to Hajj, to visit and pray in the mosque in Mecca. It’s an annual rite, which brings around 2,5 million believers. This number slightly dropped due to COVID-19, but still, it’s the biggest event of this type in the world. 

Visit and experience Saudi Arabia

We hope we have given you an idea of why are people moving to Saudi Arabia. Once you decide to experience it for yourself consider teaming up with Four Winds Saudi Arabia. Our reliable and professional moving team can provide you with all services, from packing and shipping to storage units and unpacking. Even overseas is not an obstacle for our team. And you just dare to take this huge step and visit Saudi Arabia. 

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