How to Ship Perishable Items

Nowadays it is an everyday thing for people to ship all kinds of items to different parts of their country, even the world sometimes. Since it is so widely spread, it is also important to know how to do it. Shipping items and protecting them beforehand ensures that they will be in good condition when they arrive. This is why we made a small guide on how to ship perishable items in the right way. Hopefully, this will be of help to you next time you have something for the mailing companies. Picking the right logistics company is also important, and Four Winds Saudi Arabia wants to make sure that your shipment is carried out in the best possible way. So, gather all of your information about shipping items that are easily perishable and start packing. It will be on its way in no time! 

What is considered a perishable item?

By definition, perishable items are all of those items that can become unsafe or get spoiled if not maintained at a specific temperature. Think about things you get from the store and need to either put into a fridge or use in a short time in order not to go to waste. We can divide perishable items into two groups, the non-refrigerated items, and the refrigerated items. In the first group, you can put items like fresh flowers, bread, pastries, and more. In the other group, you can, of course, put all of your food, like meat, eggs, milk and other. Even if there are two groups, while shipping items it is best to keep cool both groups. As shipment and temperature can affect more than the product’s shelf life, they can also affect its appearance of it. Additionally, there can be a third group, and this is if you want to ship frozen items. This is probably the hardest to organize, but nothing to worry about as there are many guides for it. So, before you send your items to shipping companies in Dammam, make sure they are protected in the right way.

Food in the plastic container
A lot of foods, medicine and even flowers are perishable items

Choose the right way for your items to be cooled off during shipment

This is the most important step in this process. Based on the group your item belongs in, you can choose the right coolant. There are three ways you can keep the temperature at the right level during the shipping process. You can put your items into an insulated foam container. They have an interior foam liner that works at preserving the temperature. Insulated boxes can protect during the night, or if you use packs of one and a half inches, they can hold for one to five days. 

If you need extra cooling, you need to add one of two things. Dry ice or regular wet ice packs. Using dry ice to maintain the temperature when you need to ship perishable items is an amazing thing. It cools to -109 degrees and is very efficient. But, it is considered hazardous to use it, so be sure to label everything right and check with your logistics company if they have a guide or a rulebook for it. Also, you should look out when you are working with dry ice, as coming in contact with him can burn your skin.

The third option is to use regular wet ice. We all know how to use and you have probably chilled with a lot of items with it. Here it works the same way as when you are going out for a picnic and need to bring cold items. But, since it will melt a little, you need to put an absorbent material at the bottom of your box. You may additionally use cooling gels as well if you dont want to risk making a mess with wet ice.

Frozen fish on the table
Make sure you know how to safely ship perishable items that need to be frozen

How to pack perishables for shipping? 

If you are packing perishables that don’t require cold temperatures, like apples for example. You can simply wrap them in breathable material and place them in a regular box. The box should be filled to the top with protectives, like packing peanuts. For items that need refrigerating or frozen items, you should first put them in an airtight bag or a waterproof one. Then place it into an insulated box and add your ice, cooling pads, or dry ice. Once you do that, place the whole thing into a regular corrugated box and it is ready to go. If it sounds like a bit too much, you can get packing companies in Saudi Arabia to help you out with it. 

Picking the right logistics company to ship perishable items with will do wonders for you

When it comes to choosing the right logistics company to transport your perishables, it is important to see which will suit your needs the best. As there are a lot of movers and packers Dammam offers, you might be overwhelmed. But, this is something you shouldn’t rush as trusting the company means that you give them your items, time, and money. So, what is the best way to check if the company is the right for you?

Start by searching for companies that offer exactly the services you need. You might need a storage option. So look for the warehouse Saudi Arabia companies offer. After you have a few in mind, you need to move on to checking the reviews. This is extremely important as it will be your only reference on how a company operates and what you can expect from them. That is if you don’t have anyone who had experience with a logistics company. Getting recommendations from people who had experience with a company is a great tool you can use in choosing one.

Woman with boxes ready to ship perishable items
Finding the right company for you means all of your produce is safe

The additional materials you need before you ship perishable items

Additional materials you can get are some of the basic packing materials you already know how you use. Get good boxes in which you will add then coolants and items. You will need tape and labels. Especially if you are using dry ice, there are labels that you need to use because there is a hazardous item inside the box. But, your logistics company will explain this to you. For moving refrigerated or frozen items you will need airtight or waterproof bags. After you pack everything, you are ready and you can ship your perishable items. 

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