Why Should You Move Your Business to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is one of the fastest-growing countries in the whole world. It has a strong economy and many developed industries, with the oil industry being the strongest. Therefore, it’s not hard to realize why people want to move here. Especially business owners. Currently, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has 38 000 000 residents. However, that number is constantly growing due to business owners moving their businesses to Saudi Arabia. If you own a business, you might have been thinking about moving your company. Since Saudi Arabia has many benefits and many rules, it might be hard to do it without some professional advice. Therefore, the best packers and movers in Saudi Arabia¬†give you a guide on why and how to move your business to Saudi Arabia.¬†

Why move your business to Saudi Arabia?

Moving your business can be a big deal, especially if you are a new owner. However, expanding your business is a must if you want your company to grow. Saudi Arabia is a great place to move your business. One of the first advantages is clear legal steps. If you want to expand or start your business in KSA, you will need to get a residency visa, a working visa, open a bank account, etc. All these legal steps are not complicated if you hire a professional to help you out. Also, they are fast, so you will not be waiting for months and months. Other benefits are:

  • Big market
  • Modern technologies and safer
  • Benefits for small businesses
A shopping mall
Saudi Arabia is a home to many small and big businesses.

Big market

Saudi Arabia has a big market. About 80% of businesses are run by foreign owners. That is a big number of business owners, but KSA has an even bigger number of potential customers. Saudi Arabia is also a famous tourist spot, both casual and religious tourism. Therefore, it is perfect for expanding your business or opening a new one. There are many firms, which can discourage you at first glance. However, since Saudi has a big market and many foreign and native customers, competition is not as dangerous as it might seem. Foreign investors cannot invest in some industries and fields. Before you opt for relocation to Saudi Arabia, look into what you can and cannot do. The industries in which foreigners are not allowed are:

  • Oil exploration, drilling, and production
  • Goods and services catering to military sectors
  • Private security and investigative services
  • Real estate investment in Makah and Medina
  • Guidance services and tourist orientation related to Hajj
  • Recruitment services
  • Hunting and fishing of marine resources

If your business does not fall under any of these categories, moving your business to KSA will bring you great profit.

Modern technologies and safer

Saudi Arabia is a fast-growing country due to modern technologies in almost every industry. For example- agriculture might be hard due to specific climate. That is why they had to optimize and develop new technologies. Now Saudi exports fruit, vegetables, dairy products, fish, and eggs to many countries around the world. Today, almost everything is updated. Therefore, if you already have a big business, you will have a chance to update it and develop it by using newer technologies. That goes for almost every industry, from clothing, jewelry, and agriculture, to IT and telecommunications, food and service, etc.

A wheat field
Modern technologies have been great for agriculture in Saudi Arabia.

A modern country also means better security. If you come from a smaller or poorer place, you might have used less effective security systems. The law probably was not as effective as it should be. Security systems and laws are much better at ensuring safety in Saudi Arabia than in the rest of the world. Saudi Arabia is famous for its strict rules and fines for many things. Fines and sentences for stealing, trespassing, etc, are pretty grave. Those are a couple of reasons why you should hire moving services Saudi Arabia and relocate your business here.

Benefits for small businesses

There are many benefits for small business owners in Saudi Arabia. For example- Saudi exempts individual income tax for those employed in the state. Therefore, no tax is charged on investment income. That is not a practice in many countries. That means you will not have to pay your employees a huge amount of money to cover the tax money. Another great benefit is that the administration provides tax support within tax exemptions and eliminates custom duties on selected goods and materials. However, since importing laws are strict, you will need to look up what can and cannot be imported into this country. Before you do anything, consulting with a professional is the best option. Another great benefit is affordable office prices with good amenities, which are great for smaller and bigger businesses.

Other things to remember before moving to Saudi Arabia

Even though Saudi Arabia is great for expanding your business, there are still some things you need to remember. It’s a country with strict laws, especially laws regarding religion. If you have a restaurant and you want to open it in Saudi Arabia, you will have to alter your menu and throw out every meal with pork meat. If you plan on opening cafes, you must not be serving and selling any alcoholic beverage. That is prohibited by the law.

A girl doing her makeup
You business has to respect laws and mindset of Saudi Arabia. Alcohol, adult content, pork meat, provocative clothing, and many things are prohibited here.

Moreover, if you plan on expanding your clothing store, you will have to accommodate pictures of your models. And the clothing as well. Nothing revealing, with cleavage, no lingerie, no bikinis, underwear, etc. If you plan on launching a makeup brand, keep in mind that women here have different skin tones than in Europe. Also, they usually prefer bold eye makeup and neutral lip color. These are the things to think of before you hire packaging companies in Jeddah and move your business to Saudi Arabia. Good luck, and we wish you a nice relocation!

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