10 questions to ask logistics agents before hiring them?

Having an eCommerce will require you to provide proper services when it comes to delivering items to the customer address. For instance, hiring the national shipping company of Saudi Arabia will still require some questions on your side. This is mostly due to the fact that you should opt for a logistics company that will suit you and your customer needs the best. Here are some questions you should ask logistics agents before hiring them.

10 questions you should ask logistics agents before hiring them

When someone is shopping, their satisfaction does not end when they pay the company for a product. Moreover, this is the start of their shopping experience. Namely, your and the logistics company are in charge of the experience your future customer is going to have while shopping in your company.

a man delivering a package to a girl and writing it down
The logistics company you choose will be directly in contact with your customers and thus should provide a positive experience

For instance, having proper cargo service in Saudi Arabia will result in a positive shopping experience that will probably guarantee your customer will shop again.

1. Do you have experience with eCommerce businesses?

Having proper experience with shipping items is important. This experience should help the company:

  • Properly pack the items
  • Manage shipping items
  • Submit reports on the items they ship

2. What products do you work with?

Having a logistics partner that has experience with shipping items you are selling is very important. Knowing how to handle items that might be delicate, fragile or require special conditions is of the highest priority.

3. Can you support larger capacity shipments if needed?

You know the flow of your items the best. With that in mind, your logistics partner should be able to follow you throughout the whole process.

a delivery man carrying multiple boxes as one of the things to ask logistics agents before hiring them
The capability of the logistics company to maintain the flow of orders will help you make more profit and maintain your reputation

If your partner cannot follow all of your orders you might lose customers and reputation in the future.

4. Where is the location of your warehouses?

The geographical location of each warehouse plays a big part in how fast they ship items. Especially if you focus on a particular location.

5. What are your prices?

You have to know how much this partnership is going to cost you. Each transaction and pricing should be transparent.

6. Ask logistics agents before hiring them about the real-time inventory data

This implies that the logistics company should be able to alert you in case of low supplies or high demand.

7. How fast do you process and pack the orders?

The time between ordering a product and delivering it will help you determine the approximate duration of the shipment.

8. Do you support return policies?

Many customers will want to return items if they are not what they ordered. Ask logistics agents before hiring them if they support that choice.

9. Ask logistics agents before hiring them where do they stand with commitments that are not met

Many deliveries are late due to logistics mix-ups. You have to know where they stand on their commitments so you can communicate with your customers with more confidence.

10. How do they measure/track performance?

A logistics company that tracks performance will help you understand how efficient they are and how they operate.

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