Should you consider pallet packing when shipping to and from KSA

When it comes to the moment of moving, everyone has the hardest time packing and sorting things. Worrying about how things will be packed is inevitable. Your valuables are certainly the first thing on your mind. As well as your home appliances, paintings, and antiques. If you are shipping large quantities of furniture, or bulky furniture, you may have considered pallet packing when shipping to and from KSA. That’s a great option. You don’t have to worry about all this, you can always call packaging companies in Saudi Arabia to give you the best advice.

Moving is definitely something you should leave to professionals. If you need help, you can always call packers and movers in Saudi Arabia. Professional staff is there for any advice and help you may need. This way you will be able to enjoy every moment of moving.

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We have answers about pallets!

If you are wondering if you should consider pallet packing when shipping to and from KSA, and also about pallet racking generally, you firstly need to know everything about that! And we are glad to help!

You need to know what is pallet when you think about pallet packing when shipping to and from KS

The pallet is a horizontal platform that is typically attached to the superstructure and lower deck that allows it to be lifted and moved by material handling equipment, such as elevators and conveyors, as well as to be accommodated in appropriate storage systems and transport vehicles. If you have not encountered pallets so far, you can ask experts about tips for pallet shipping. The pallet provides the basis for assembly, storage, handling, and transport of materials and products. In addition, the palette provides product protection.

History of the pallet packing

During the 20th century, pallets were created. From then until today, they have progressed, both in appearance and in the type of material and durability. Pallets have contributed to many areas of life, including storage and shipping. During the Second World War, pallets were further developed by obtaining fences, which would additionally protect fragile items. After that, the reuse of pallets began.

Pallet rental is a great option if you are thinking pallet packing when shipping to and from KS

Pallet rental has become especially popular. When you rent pallets, you get them for a decent price, and you do not pay the price of their purchase, which would be significantly more expensive, but only its use. This is especially important if you care about your surroundings!

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You can rent pallets at an affordable price!

Which materials are used for pallets?

As mentioned earlier, pallets have advanced a lot. If you are thinking about pallet packing when shipping to and from KSA you should know this. Instead of the classic, wooden pallets, today we have a huge selection of pallet materials.

There are different pallet materials:

  • Wooden
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Paper

The wooden one is the most durable but also the heaviest. Also, if you are an eco-friend, a wooden palette is a great solution for you. It will be used for other shipping after use. You don’t have to worry about it being turned into waste!

The second one in use is the plastic one. When it comes to them, they are characterized by exceptional durability. They also have the property of easy repair. Their design is of high quality and very lightweight, unlike wooden ones. They are very cheap and that is why they have become very widespread in use.

Metal pallets also have a presence, especially in applications where pallet strength and durability are requirements.

Paper pallets are popular due to their lightweight, cleanliness and they are recyclable!  In reusable pallet applications, an investment in a better quality pallet usually lasts longer, providing a lower cost per use than cheaper alternatives.

Three metal barrels on wooden pallete
Wooden pallets are eco-friendly!

Pallet designs and style you should know if you are thinking about pallet packing when shipping to and from KSA

In general, pallet designs are divided into two types of pallets. These are stringer and block. Block pallets provide more options for pallet entry by material handling equipment. Pallets with solid stringers typically allow two-way entry (at each end of the pallet) while notched stringers allow partial four-way entry (by forklifts through the notches, as well as full access from the ends), while block pallets typically allow full four-way entrance.

Pallet styles

Pallet style refers to whether the pallet has a single or double face. That means if it has one or both upper and lower decks. Also, it means whether the pallet is reversible (either side can be used for the upper part) or non-reversible (with upper and lower deck). The standard also considers the option of an upper and lower deck. The single pallet is also known as a stripper. Unstable sliders can provide additional benefits such as empty pallet stacking efficiency, for example, having a ratio between 3 and 1 stacking.

Major pallet sizes

This will be especially important if you are considering pallet packing when shipping to and from KSA to know which one to choose!

The 48×40 inch pallet is the most widely produced pallet size in North America, although a number of other sizes are popular. According to 1996 data:

  • 48×40             26.9% of  S. production
  • 40×48               5.3%
  • 42×42               4.8%
  • 48×48               4.3%
  • 48×42               3.7%
  • 48×45              2.1%
  • 37×37               1.6%
  • 48×36               1.5%
  • Other sizes     50%

Internationally, ISO recognizes six pallet sizes. These footprints include:

  • 1219×1016 (48×40 inches) – North America
  • 1000×1200 – Europe and Asia
  • 1165×1165 – Australia
  • 1067×1067 – North America, Europe, and Asia
  • 1100×1100 – Asia
  • 800×1200 – Europe

Pallets are portable bases used for freight shipping to transport multiple packaged items or containers.  Pallets are a great way to move all your belongings safely. They also enable easy transport of packages, with the help of forklifts or trucks. Pallets will protect your belongings from cold surfaces on which they might stand, by separating them from the ground. This is another benefit of the palette.

As no chemicals were used in the process of making a pellet, if they are clean with no contamination from their contents, they are safe to use. Being only treated with heat, they are also, when clean, safe to use. You may also see a KD-HT stamp on shipping pallets, meaning they qualify as both. If you have thought about pallet packing when shipping to and from KSA we hope you now have a better insight into what pallets are and how they are used. It’s time to try them out and see for yourself the ease and benefits of using them.

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