11 Logistics Considerations For Shipping IT Equipment

A lot of things that we have in our home or office are considered to be extremely valuable. And while that could be an expensive piece of furniture or a machine, IT equipment takes a special place. Nowadays, we rely on the internet and social media for our social life and business as well, and staying up to date is essential. In fact, almost everyone today has at least one part of expensive IT equipment that we tend to maintain all the time. When the time for moving comes, we have to make sure that every single piece of the set is well-prepared and properly packed. Here are 11 logistics considerations for shipping IT equipment!

1. Preparing and packing your IT equipment

Way before you start looking for relocation companies in Jeddah, you will have to deal with equipment yourself. Depending on how many pieces you have and what exactly they are, it may take some time to do it. Those who have a large working space or office will probably have a lot of cables and routers all around. Your first step should be to carefully untangle everything and labels different pieces if possible. You can use special boxes for setting them aside in those first steps. This will make packing and shipping much easier later, and maybe even cheaper. Keep in mind that a lot of things depend on how much experience you have, especially when it comes to detaching everything. 

Computer on the desk for researching logistics considerations for shipping IT equipment.
No matter what you plan on shipping you should know how to do it the right way and protect your budget at the same time.

Some of these items will be difficult to deal with especially if you don’t use them on a daily basis. You may also experience difficulties while setting them up and it is good to have a professional in mind. Hire someone who will successfully do this part of the job for you in case you don’t have enough experience. 

2. One of the most essential logistics considerations for shipping IT equipment is choosing a shipping method

Next, we move on to an equally important part of the process. The method of shipping matters a lot as not each one works the same way or will cost the same amount of money. If you currently live far from the place you will be moving to, you must be both economical and creative. Try to find a suitable shipping method that will fit your budget and transport your items as quickly as you need them to. Cargo shipping to Saudi Arabia could be suitable for those who have plenty of time on their hands and want to spend less. There are also other methods including air shipping so make sure to consult professionals on which one is suitable for you.

3. Dealing with clearance and law policies

Of course, not every country has the same law, especially when it comes to exporting and importing items. You will have to spend some time researching what documents you will need for shipping and then prepare them in time. Keep in mind that a lot of facilities in your country may take some time to issue documents when moving to another country. To avoid waiting for too long and breaking deadlines, start gathering them as soon as you prepare your equipment. Riyadh custom clearance and its services can help you go through this much easier. Saudi Arabia is one of those countries that have strict laws related to this matter and it will be much better to rely on professionals. 

A warehouse employee.
One of the most important logistics considerations for shipping IT equipment is to rely on a good and professional company.

4. Logistics considerations for shipping IT equipment include insurance

We already mentioned that your IT equipment has to be expensive and valuable. No matter if you are shipping printers, computers, or smaller parts, the safety of your inventory matters a lot. Every single piece of items you want to ship has to be under insurance. The good news is that the company you will be shipping with can provide it for you. You will need to provide all the details about the equipment and let them carry out the shipment to the fullest. considering that both parts have to be protected, a good company will make sure your items are completely safe!

5. The importance of packing

That same company can help you with packing as well, but you will have some work yourself. When the time for packing comes you should set aside enough time to deal with this matter. Before the team arrives to pick up everything make sure to:

  • Properly wrap the cords
  • Separate routers from wires
  • Detach your computer and similar devices
  • Disassemble bigger items including printers and copiers
  • Wrap smaller parts like mice, computer sheets, and similar items

In case you still have the original packaging it is best you use them. When it comes to IT equipment the packaging is usually specially designed to fit and protect them during transportation. A lot of temperature controlled shipping companies can do the packing for you, however. In case you are short on time or lack experience, feel free to ask them to help you out.

The side of the cargo ship.
You will get a chance to track your items the entire time.

6. Don’t forget to include the packing list as well

When following logistics considerations for shipping IT equipment, you must think of every single detail. A lot of people will forget to make the packing list and later encounter all kinds of difficulties. In fact, a lot of moving and shipping companies will ask you to provide one, so try to make it on time. It should contain every single piece of your equipment that you plan on shipping. Carefully go through your inventory and once you are sure that everything is there, you can hand it to movers. In case you wish to make some last-minute changes it is very important to inform them on time.

Companies have rules to follow and not every change you decide to make will be as small as you think. The shipping process and the price will be determined by a couple of factors, and the number of items is one of them. Let’s not forget to add the total weight of your inventory. So if you decide to add more items you can expect your shipment to cost you more or even be delayed. This is why you should prepare the packing list on time and make changes before handing it in.

7. Labels are part of logistics considerations for shipping IT equipment

Shipping labels play a huge role in this process as well. Not only they will help you sort out your items but will have the employees as well. And the type of labels varies even though there are some rules you will have to follow. Every box must contain your name, the address, and the content of it. It makes it easier for you you can add more information, like writing down everything in a second language. Once you finally arrive at your destination and come to pick up your items, it will be much easier to set them all up. Just like you would do with regular moving, try to keep your inventory always in order and perfectly organized. As a result, you will not even have to spend additional time at the Saudi custom clearance.

You can proceed to use the same method for your household items if you will be moving as well. With a full relocation on the way, it is good to keep things under control and have your inventory neat the entire time. 

A man closing a box.
Make sure even the tiniest items are properly packed for shipping!

8. Choose a proper time to ship your items

The logistics Saudi Arabia offers and related services will require you to say the preferable date for your shipment. Considering your items include important IT equipment you need to be careful about the timing. In case you are moving because of your job, you will need to do it as soon as possible and organize a pick-up. Every business depends on the IT department and it is essential that you set it up right away. Your current and future clients will want to see you back in business upon arriving and good timing will help you make everyone happy. For example, if your team is advertising your services in spring, try to ship IT department before winter. As a result, you will have plenty of time to set it up and get your business back on track.

On the other hand, if you are shipping IT equipment for personal purposes, you will need it back with you quickly. Consult your movers on how to achieve the perfect timing, as you will have to travel to a new location as well. Freight forwarding companies in Bahrain can help you balance these two events and not wait for your items for too long.

9. Tracking will keep you calm during shipping

It is completely normal if you start worrying about your items once they are off to a new location. They could be stuck for some time at customs or loading, and you will need to know about their whereabouts all the time. The good news is that tracking will be available to you from the moment you send your items away. A lot of companies have excellent apps that will allow you to track your shipment and even get all kinds of useful information. You will receive an update about the weather conditions, customs delays, and everything that may affect the estimated time of the delivery. The fact that you are shipping your items across the world doesn’t mean you have to spend days constantly worrying about them. Usually, Bahrain custom clearance is quick and you can expect your items to proceed on time.

A man working in the office.
Following logistics considerations for shipping IT equipment means you will be able to transport them faster and continue with your work.

10. Don’t forget to be economical

You should inform your freight forwarders in Riyadh about your inventory, but that doesn’t mean you have to take everything with you. After you successfully move you can get some of them from the store. This should be important to those who for some reason can’t ship everything, or it simply doesn’t fit their budget. This shouldn’t bother you too much as Saudi Arabia is the perfect market for IT. Considering that this country is home to some of the biggest companies in the industry, you will be able to find anything you need. You can even find it at a more affordable price especially if you currently live in a country with high living costs. Some of the items you can buy later include:

  • Cords
  • Routers
  • Keyboards
  • Desktops
  • Smaller parts

11. And finally, logistics considerations for shipping IT equipment must include a professional company

As you can realize by now, many of your options will not be possible without a good and professional company. Their team can guide you through the entire process thanks to a lot of experience and professional equipment. After all, why would you do it on your own, and ended up spending a lot of money for no reason? If you have a chance to strike a good deal, make your items travel safely, and not pay too much, you should consider doing it. The sooner you do it, the more time you will have for all the questions you have in mind. As a result, your items will arrive exactly on time and you will be able to set them up in your new home or office.

People working in the warehouse talking about logistics considerations for shipping IT equipment.
Employees who will be in charge of your shipment will answer all of your questions!

In conclusion

It seems that if you take all these logistics considerations for shipping IT equipment and include them in your plan, you will enjoy the entire process. Before you get on the road and send your items, make sure to get to know Saudi Arabia. Those who never had a chance to visit before should know about national holidays and upcoming events. Many shops and companies in Saudi Arabia will be closed during national holidays and you may experience certain delays. Use the time your moving and shipping company will provide to learn more about the place you will be calling home soon.

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