5 household items that require crating

You should learn which are household items that require crating if you move oversea. Bahrain customs clearance involves the packing of some items properly for this purpose. In most cases, you will create things that could damage or broken. There are rules that you need to follow when shipping.

Pallets are great for packing and protecting when shipping

What is crating?

It represents the highest levels of protection. In most cases, you need to crate fragile and easily damaged items. You cannot organize crating for car shipping from Saudi Arabia, though. Companies use it for smaller but valuable items. You are speaking about the valuable items. Crating is very expensive, so you should not use it for everything. It could cost from $50,000 to $100,000. It is large, heavy, and expensive. There are three ways for crating in the standard shipping.

  • Most companies use pallets for it, but you need to protect household items that require crating much better;
  • You can use standard cardboard, too, but still not that safe for valuable items;
  • In some countries, they require double cardboard, which protects things safely and adequately.

Which are expensive household items that require crating?

Most of the items that you will crate are expensive. It includes things that you must not damage in any circumstance. However, packing includes protection and proper documentation, so people at the board will know what is inside.

You should protect vases when moving from breaking

Electric devices

Although not many people take electronic devices with them, you can bring but protected them with you. It is essential to use individual pallets or protective materials to wrap them. However, in case that you cannot take with you, leave in storage Saudi Arabia.

Wine bottles

You cannot just put wine bottles in a bag. You must protect them from breaking. However, packaging companies in Saudi Arabia recommend using individual wood boxes for that purpose. You should fill the gaps between bottles, too.

Which are both expensive and valuable household items that require crating?

You can have expensive items in your home. However, some of them are not just expensive. You should protect them as valuable memories from your family. In that case, you must crate them and protect them from damaging or losing.


Every family has antiques that worth a lot for them. They can be tiny, like teacups or vases. On the other hand, they could be huge and fragile. It is hard to transport items like chandeliers, mirrors, or even piano. However, if you need to take them with you, use proper material.


Pieces of art are costly and sensitive. It could be paintings or sculptures or any other item that the artist has made. There are special wood crates for those purposes. You can use a simple wood box, too, with protective material between paintings.

Women statue
Pieces of artwork are very sensitive and fragile

Collector’s items

Although it seems not that valuable, for collectors, those items are precious. Not to mention how expensive they can be, though. They do not look at one of the household items that require crating. However, you should protect them from damaging and lost.

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