7 Ways To Avoid Common Freight And Shipping Fraud

Knowing that a shipping scam exists is important, but not ending up getting scammed is even more important. In this article, we’ll show you 7 ways to avoid common freight and shipping fraud. The plus side of worldwide freight forwarding is well known. If we look at last year’s numbers, marine commerce numbers reached more than 10 billion tonnes, although this number was much smaller than the previous years. Even though the maritime method of shipping is still one of the most popular from an ecological and popular standpoint, many times it has been documented that shipping production has fallen victim to fraud. If you’re hesitant to hire a ship freight forwarder, you can always rely on a professional company such as air cargo Bahrain.

What can getting scammed mean for your career – 7 ways to avoid common freight and shipping fraud

There is a plethora of ways that shipping freight scams can interrupt your career. It’s in a position to set you back and cost you money, resources, and time to start anew. It’s also in a position to disrupt your relationship with your customers.

Hiring a reputable cargo company is on of the 7 ways to avoid common freight and shipping fraud
Working with high-class cargo companies is one of the 7 ways to avoid common freight and shipping fraud

How to ward off falling victim to fraud – 7 Ways To Avoid Common Freight And Shipping Fraud

Knowing about the existence of scams and web-based cons counts as a major step toward avoiding becoming a victim. That’s why not rushing when choosing the proper shipping company is necessary in a world where falling victim to fraud is so common. It also makes good business sense. In times of major freight and shipping frauds, it’s refreshing to hire companies such as cargo transportation Saudi Arabia.

7 way to avoid common freight and shipping fraud

  1. Being rate savvy

A fraudster serving as a shipping company will try to attract you with really low charges. That’s why it’s essential to do your own research where you’ll gather charges from different shipping companies. Then you’ll get the idea of how much a shipment usually costs. It’s one thing to not go over the budget, but if you’re facing the prospects of your shipment not reaching the destination then you’d might wanna pay a little more.  You can find one of the best rates in companies such as freight forwarders in Bahrain.

  1. Get acquainted with International Commercial Terms

Incoterm’s latest worldwide orders managing the execution of worldwide consignments started being in force two years ago. Understanding International Commercial Terms will ensure that sales, procurement, and worldwide arrangements go ahead with no risk.

  1. Bill of Lading

Fraudsters who pose as shipping companies usually do not supply you with an invoice. They might try to persuade you into thinking that they never got it in the first place. This way you will disappoint your customers by having your shipment fail to reach its location.

  1. Recommendations

When looking to find a reliable ocean freight forwarder, word of mouth and recommendations may prove helpful. On the other hand, you can always rely on port authorities or customer broker associations when looking to find a reliable shipping company. They’re the best place to resort to when looking for recommendations or solid shipping companies.

Keeping a checklist of all your possessions 7 ways to avoid common freight and shipping fraud
Working with recommended companies is one of the 7 ways to avoid common freight and shipping fraud
  1. Requesting a meeting

When looking to see if the company is legitimate and put aside any concerns, it’s always a good idea to meet the representative from the freight forwarder. If you do not meet your needs and concerns are still there, you’ll have to take another shot with a different company. A video call is always a good option if in the flesh meeting with a company representative can not be arranged. Them showing reluctance to your practice of confirming legitimacy might seem like a red flag. You can always find companies that are open to face-to-face conversation such as freight forwarding companies in Saudi Arabia.

  1. Confirm your concerns

Fraudsters often resort to the following tactics. They tend to create websites that reminisce those of famous freight forwarding companies. On a second look, you may notice some red flags like the name of a company being misspelled.  Other things that may seem like red flags are URL or domain names looking different than intended. Another necessary step to follow prior to accepting any deals is checking the associate’s legitimacy. You can do this by:

  • Getting in touch with a relevant industry association or the public registry of freight forwarders
  • Verifying the legitimacy of info on the company’s website
  • Asking for the company’s billing and shipping addresses
  1. Making your own plan

Following all the tips aforementioned will definitely help you avoid any scams and find the proper freight forwarder. Even though the scams are growing in recent times, many freight forwarders will resist conning. The valid company will show you the history of past successes when it comes to the shipment of goods. What’s more, they will insist to show you that before you’ll even ask about it to check their legitimacy.

In addition to what we’ve learned before, let’s take a look at this last part.

Doing the job justice – 7 Ways To Avoid Common Freight And Shipping Fraud

When it comes to the transportation of the cargo the blame is on the seller if something happens. Under Free Carrier Incoterms, CIP Incoterms, DDP Incoterms, and CIF Incoterms – it’s impossible for your shipment to end up lost. In order to reduce the probability of your shipment being confiscated and your business suffering as a result of that, you will want to put the right measures in place.

Sending your cargo through reliable companies is one of the 7 ways to avoid common freight and shipping fraud
Being rate-savvy is one of the 7 ways to avoid common freight and shipping fraud

SeaRates, one of the most famous international container shipping companies exists to save you from becoming a victim and it helps you avoid scams. SeaRates is in a position to offer you the right certification aid. Their merchants are connected to sovereignty which allows them to mark the goods in the shortest time possible. It also allows them to reduce the period of department authorization. In addition to that, they can offer cargo insurance that covers a plethora of possible threats to your shipment once it’s being relocated.

In addition to what we’ve learned regarding  7 ways to avoid common freight and shipping fraud, it’s good to know that SeaRates is a trusted community marketplace offering a plethora of services when it comes to freight shipping.

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