Advice for finding warehouse space in Jeddah

Whether you are just starting your business or are already expanding, chances are that you plan on finding warehouse space in Jeddah. They used these spaces for different purposes, like manufacturing and storing products and inventory. Companies like Four Winds Saudi Arabia offer this kind of space. These spaces are considered industrial properties for both production and distribution. In this guide, you will find tips on determining what you need and how to look for what you need.

Finding warehouse space in Jeddah – determine what you actually need

The nature of your business will probably determine what kind of warehouse Jeddah you need. When you think about finding warehouse space in Jeddah, you will find the following options:

  • Warehouse space
  • Manufacturing space
  • Mixed use property

Companies mostly use warehouse space for storage and distribution of goods. They use manufacturing space for creating, building and assembling products. Depending on what your business needs, the space should have special features like a particular ceiling height, reinforced floors and high output power sources. A mixed used property is a space where you can do both manufacturing and warehousing in one place. Now that you know what options there are, you need to decide whether you need a place to make, store, ship your products or the combination of the three.

Picture of warehouse space
Once you know what your business needs, it will be easier to decide

Things to consider before choosing a warehouse space

The technology nowadays gives you the opportunity to search for warehouse Saudi Arabia from the comfort of your home. Once you have decided about what you need, you can narrow down the search by specific criteria. Before searching, you need to think about:

  • Your monthly budget for the rent
  • How big of a space you need
  • Where should it be located – close to customers, suppliers, partners, etc?
  • What special features do you need (loading docks, large power supplies, etc.)

Searching online should be done just to give you a sense of the market. You should do the actual search through a local commercial real estate professional. The owner or landlord typically pays commission, so you shouldn’t pay anything yet.

Visiting the actual space

You won’t be able to get an actual picture of the warehouse until you see it in person. For that reason, make appointments to see the spaces and give them a thorough walk through. Since you will be probably visiting lots of warehouses, we recommend you make a spreadsheet with details about every space you visited. This will help keep you organized. Even if you think you found the perfect space for shipping to Saudi Arabia, keep looking. Once you find a few places that fit your needs, you will have the upper hand when negotiating. You won’t be desperate to close the deal, since you have other options as well. This way you will negotiate on your own terms.

Businessman signing contract after finding warehouse space in Jeddah
Once you find more options that fit your needs, you will have the upper hand when negotiating

Advice for finding warehouse space in Jeddah – conclusion

Finding warehouse space in Jeddah is a big step for you and your business. There has been a high demand for this type of space, since a lot of companies shifted to e-commerce, which can make your search even more challenging. Make sure that you invest enough time into researching each potential property, and work with real estate pros and attorneys before you sign anything. This will ensure that you find the perfect warehouse space for your business, and that they protect your rights in the process. We wish you success!

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