Advice for young couples relocating to Jubail

You will definitely be dealing with a lot of stress while moving. However, if you hire a great and professional company, your stress levels will be significantly lower. Go online and check out moving companies in Saudi Arabia and choose the one you think is the most suitable one for you. Young couples relocating to Jubail can face a lot of challenges and that is why you will need a highly qualified moving company you can rely on.  Jubail is a great city to live in and it will be very easy for you to find a job and maybe even start a family. Saudi Arabia has become one of the safest places to live in. However, be careful about some common-sense rules that you will need to follow as a young couple. Therefore, start your preparations on time.

Young couples relocating to Jubail may face a lot of challenges, but also there will be some great opportunities

Jubail is a bigger city in the eastern part of Saudi Arabia. There is one of the biggest industrial complexes in the whole world. Also, one of the Middle East’s largest petrochemical companies is in Jubail. However, the most important thing about this developing city is that it is one of the safest cities in Saudi Arabia. There used to be a fishing village there and Jubail is very close to some crucial and huge oil fields. The energy and vibe of the city are very nice and it is a quiet and calm place to live in. However, before you actually move to this great city, make sure to find some of the best moving companies in Jubail and also find out what other information is relevant for you.

Young couple taking notes, boxes
Make sure to have everything you need before moving to Jubail!

Young couples relocating to Jubail need to have a plan

Dating in Saudi Arabia must be subtle, even if you are a couple coming from Western culture. At any place in Saudi Arabia, make sure to dress conservatively. Also, even if you are a Western couple make sure to avoid being affectionate to the public at all costs.  The truth is that the rules of living in Saudi Arabia have changed significantly recently. However, legally you shouldn’t share space in Saudi Arabia if you are not married. Also, it is very risky to follow the more Western rituals of dating, such as hugging or bringing gifts. The wisest option for women is long, loose-fitting skirts paired with long-sleeved tops. Men should also cover their legs and shoulders. Things young couples relocating to Jubail need to pay attention to:

  • find a great moving company
  • if possible, find jobs before-talk finance and chores
  • explore KSA and Jubail lifestyle
young couple talking, laptop
It is important to discuss a lot of aspects when you are a young couple moving to Jubail

Find a great company suitable for the needs of young couples relocating to Jubail

The moving process is difficult enough, nevertheless choosing the most suitable moving company. For starters, go online and make sure to type relocation services in Saudi Arabia so that you can at least have some idea of what you are looking for. Also, you need to pay attention to moving estimates. Nowadays, estimates have become crucial in the planning of your moving process. In addition, the most reliable way to choose a company is by comparing online reviews. It is the truth that they can be exaggerated and fake, but you can trust them. Your friends and family can also help you with the choice. Since the relocation process is not simple, make sure to invest enough time in your research. If you spend a bit more time now, it will actually save you a huge amount of time later.

If possible, find jobs before your move – talk finance and chores

There are more than ten million foreigners in Saudi Arabia at the moment. Around 125,000 foreigners from Western nations are estimated to be working in KSA. You cannot own or get a work permit unless you have a concrete employment offer from your future employer. Individuals cannot apply for a permit themselves. Every expat has a sponsor that is usually their employer. Employer has a crucial role at your beginnings as an expat in KSA. Sponsors can be individuals, companies or similar. After you find your jobs, make sure to have discussions about your budger and chore distribution. Being a young couple that can be a challenge and that is why it is a good thing to communicate all the details clearly.

Explore KSA and Jubail lifestyle

The weather is great almost all the time. Around 3 or 4 months is extremely hot. However, in the remaining months, you can enjoy outdoor lifestyle. The most popular outdore activities take place at beaches and pools. The standard of living is extremely high in Saudi Arabia. The main reason for that is because the cost of living is low. Hiring the services of drivers, maids and nannies is very common for the expats. Of course, these things depend on your preferences, but overall expats enjoy a good lifestyle here. Saudis are generally welcoming and friendly. KSA is very diverse in its landscapes, traditions and cultures. New malls are on a rise and they offer the biggest brands. To have a meal out is a cultural experience since Saudi cuisine is diverse and flavourful.

Sunny day in Arab area
Embrace the adventure of moving to Jubail!

Moving in as a couple is a challenge. Nevertheless, the challenge is even bigger when you are a young couple moving to prepare to become expats. However, there are plenty of advantages that make a move to Saudi Arabia actually a great choice. The business contracts are lucrative with great employment packages and perks. There is an excellent choice of international schools and private hospitals. Expats in Saudi Arabia live nicely thanks to large disposable incomes. Having enough money allows them to indulge in luxuries that maybe they would not have back home.

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