An outlook on shipping to Saudi Arabia from US in 2022

There is not a single industry that hasn’t felt the impact of a global COVID-19 pandemic. The prices are higher than ever, and we can expect a continuance in this trend. The national shipping company of Saudi Arabia had to adjust to the global market and ever-rising prices. It is hard to predict what the economic future is going to be in these uncertain times. With that in mind, here is an outlook on shipping to Saudi Arabia from the US in 2022.

Shipping Services to Saudi Arabia

The choice between sea and air shipping to Saudi Arabia from the US in 2022 can depend on several factors. These factors can be a limited time frame, budget possibilities, and personal preferences. When you enquire online or by the phone freight forwarder in Saudi Arabia you should be through. The professional shipping company will advise the best or most appropriate option for transporting your belongings efficiently.

Cargo ships in a calm sea with a beautiful sunset in the background.
Most conditions and services of the international shipment did not change much.

Usually, the service provider will have the most recent information and details on shipping conditions. Here is a list of necessary documents for shipping to Saudi Arabia which remained the same for now:

  • Authorization letter (approved by the Saudi Chamber of Commerce).
  • Copy of your passport.
  • Copy of your Residence Permit or your National ID.
  • Customs requirements for shipping to Saudi Arabia.
  • Customs inspection documents.

Also, please know that every shipment will pass through a 100% physical customs inspection when it arrives in Saudi Arabia.

Customs duty and clearance for shipping to Saudi Arabia from the US in 2022

All household items shipped and imported into Saudi Arabia are subject to customs duties. Have in mind that the duty can vary between 5 -20%. Custom authorities are calculating items’ values through the local value and receipts. However, exemptions are applied on clothing that has been owned and used and books. Of course, imported quantities must be reasonable.

The shipper must be present in the country during the customs clearance. It is essential to know a list of prohibited items, such as:

  • Large amounts of animal skin
  • Gambling items
  • Dangerous items
  • Alcohol and associated products (This includes foods that contain alcohol)
  • Radio transmitters
  • Stuffed animals
  • Prohibited Cultural Items / Censorship Items (non-Islamic religious items, magazines with cultural images, etc.)

These items are subject to censorship, and penalties can be charged if items are confiscated:

  • Photographs
  • CDs / Records / Cassette tapes
  • Books
  • Computers, tablets, and printers
  • Mobile phones
  • Videos and DVDs

Air shipping vs sea shipping

Shipment by air is the fastest and most secure way to ship your belongings. Air shipping is more convenient for smaller amounts of goods. It has the largest service area and it is easiest for the organization. Usually, there is no necessity for additional warehouses. You can also have an easily predicted delivery date, according to your moving time schedule. The loading and unloading are left to the company. See air cargo from USA to Saudi Arabia for more information.

Grey cargo plain on a clear blue sky.
Air freights are for sure a more reliable and faster way of shipment.

On the other hand, sea shipments are more convenient for a really large amount of items. Depending on your requirements, there are some parts where you would have to be responsible for your cargo. However, it is the most popular way of transporting, especially due to the cost.

In conclusion, the services available for shipping to Saudi Arabia from the US in 2022 is not drastically changed. Moreover, previous services and benefited of air shipment will be available in the year 2022.

Economic aspects on shipping to Saudi Arabia from the US in 2022

With all of the above stated, now you should very well know what to expect in 2022 when it comes to shipping to Saudi Arabia from the US cost-wise. Economists are predicting that the current shipping problems will linger in the first quarter of 2022.

Many ships are waiting in the docks inside of the US. The estimated worth of goods is 24 billion dollars With these colossal hold-ups, sea shipments take three times their usual times to arrive. Elevated shipping costs are likely to persist at least through the middle of next year. This is all due to the lack of an immediate solution for the underlying supply-demand imbalance at US ports. All this has a major impact on shipping costs and conditions.

Freight and fuel prices

Container freight rates have risen to record highs. This is caused by a surge in demand, together with bottlenecks and congestions across global supply chains. The average freight prices in the third quarter more than doubled in 2021 compared to 2020.

A factory with two tall chimneys in front of a sunset. Fuel has large impact on shipping to Saudi Arabia from the US
Fuel prices are one of the largest factors impacting shipping to Saudi Arabia from US in 2022

Moreover, bunker fuel costs per container are also higher. Because oil prices have also risen sharply during this time. This was also under the influence of growth in bunker consumption. All due to a rise in deployed capacity. Consequently, there is an increase in average network speed in response to low schedule reliability.

Freight shipping to Saudi Arabia from the US in 2022

The prognosis on outlook on shipping to Saudi Arabia from the US in 2022 is looking pretty grim from this point. At least, cost-wise. However, keep an eye on the air freight to Saudi Arabia for any possible updates.

It is very difficult to keep up during these fast-changing times. Shipping from the US to Saudi Arabia can take between 5 to 30 business days. Of course, depending on the shipping method. Have in mind that due to the current state of things it may take longer. This may mess up your schedule, but remember to have patience.

The price of the shipping majorly will depend on the cargo weight and the delivery method you choose. But do not be surprised if quotations vary from month to month. Therefore, be sure to have a written agreement with the shipping company once you lock in your offer.

Considering all the aspects of shipping to Saudi Arabia from the US in 2022, make sure you are prepared. Make sure you know the current status of all the conditions for traveling and applying for visas during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

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