Arriving in Saudi Arabia for the first time

Arriving in Saudi Arabia with a little help from international movers Jeddah for the first time could be confusing. On the one hand, you surely know so many myths and stereotypes about this country. Being perhaps the most conservative Middle Eastern country in the world affects both social behavior and law. It is hard to adjust to their lifestyle, even the dressing code. For those who live there, most of them are exaggerated. Living in Saudi Arabia could be a challenging, but also an exciting experience, even for the most doubtful persons.

  • You should know that everybody who comes to Saudi Arabia must accept strict religious rules and habits. However, the local culture and art attract with uniqueness and beauty;
  • They have one of the most stringent laws that are connected with the religion – violating of any of them leads to a severe penalty, even death;
  • Maybe the hardest for living in Saudi Arabia is for women. They should follow strict rules;
  • Medical insurance is not that well defined, especially for expat, so you should inform before going there;
  • However, prepare yourself for one of the unique experiences in your life – you will see the country that stands out for its uniqueness and beauty.

Finally, if you know everything you need about the law and religion, you should accept it and behave following rules. It should not be so hard, especially if you know how to behave in these situations. Most people who live there claim that Saudi Arabia has great sides that you should explore.

Woman in burka
There are many stereotypes about Saudi Arabia

Basic rules that you should know before arriving in Saudi Arabia

There are everyday situations where you can find in, after arriving in Saudi Arabia. Remember that they are not the same as for other countries in the Western world. You will see people that wear cloth differently and women that their husbands hide from other people’s eyes. On the other hand, you should prepare for this first meeting with this country and their rules.

Inform yourself about visa

You will surely need a visa when coming to Saudi Arabia. Luckily, you can easily apply filling form on their site and claim for a visa before traveling. For most countries in the Western world, there should not be hard to get it. If you have any doubts about that, you can check on their official site for further information.

Prepare yourself for waiting

People who have survived immigrant service at the airports in Saudi Arabia claim that they are the slowest workers in the world. You literally should prepare yourself for the whole day waiting. Although freight forwarding companies in Saudi Arabia work much faster, we cannot say that for passport and immigrant control there. Things become harder with all those people from Pakistan, Egypt, and India that wait for the same thing.

Watch about behavior

They are seriously strict to religion, so you should behave in that way. You cannot declare as an atheist, even though you do not need to pray in public like they. However, you must not speak against their religion or royal family. Also, you cannot talk about other religions, like Catholic, so avoid it. They presume that foreign will not take gambles or alcohol with them. If you are arriving in Saudi Arabia for the first time, you could be curious about things there. However, do not take photos in public in any circumstances.

Cigarettes are strictly forbidden in Saudi Arabia

Life after arriving in Saudi Arabia could be challenging for women

Unfortunately, women still do not have rights in Saudi Arabia. You will not see women as drivers or workers in stores in this country. The fact that you are just a tourist does not help you. You should follow the same rules and law if you are a woman in Saudi Arabia. Fortunately, there are cities and places where things change slowly. People say that Jeddah is much more opened to changes in this field. It could be a good reason for moving to Jeddah if nothing else.

Dress code is serious

Although most of us have the opportunity to see how their women look like in burka, most of us think that it applies only to their women. Unfortunately, they have a strict dressing code in Saudi Arabia for everybody. Even for men, it is vital to cover every part of the skin, while women must cover the head and arms. This is a serious Sharia law, and if you do not follow it, religious police could arrest you.

Stick to the same gender – worth for both sex

In any circumstance, you should stay with the same gender. Nobody will harm you if opposite, but it will be the easiest in this circumstance. They do not like to mix women and men, and especially not with strangers. In case you are on a plane, simply choose the seat next to the same woman.

What you must not do after arriving in Saudi Arabia

There are things that you should not do in any case in Saudi Arabia. They strictly forbid things that they find provocative or opposing to their religion. Even if you have incriminating photos or alcohol with you, they could seriously punish you. So, make sure that you have got knowledge about those rules before arriving in Saudi Arabia.

Some cities like Jeddah has not that strict religion rules

There is a list of things that this country strictly forbids

Do not forget that every country has its rules and law about things that you can have with you when coming there. Things are a little harder with Saudi Arabia, though. They have a long list of things that you must not take with you in any circumstances. Most of them are not that harmful to us who live out from Saudi Arabia. If you are not sure what to bring with you, consult packaging companies in Jeddah for advice. However, make sure that you have not taken things like alcohol, porn, music, medications that you do not have prescriptions for, drugs, and cigarettes. Also, you can take your Bible with you, but only one sample.

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