How to organize a storage unit for frequent access

As a solution to the problem of space in your home, storage units are a great idea. You will have all of your belongings in one place. However, if you don’t organize it properly, you might have a bad experience. Most likely, you will want to be able to find something easily. That is why it is so important to know how to organize a storage unit for frequent access. When the time comes for you to wear your summer clothes, you won’t have to rifle through dozens of boxes. If you are unsure of how to organize it the right way, don’t worry. We have gathered expert tips to help you tackle this task.

Choose boxes of the same size for organizing a storage unit

Have tape with you when you organize a storage unit.
Make sure to have the supplies before you start packing.

When you organize a storage unit, it is important to pack properly. You should use one or two different sizes of moving boxes. This will ensure that they fit closely next to each other in the unit. Moreover, you will be able to access them more easily. While you might be tempted to put all of your items into large boxes, think again. If you overpack them, you might not be able to lift them. Also, if they are on the bottom of a stack, they will be harder to reach. When choosing the boxes for your warehouse Saudi Arabia, you can also use small boxes for books or other heavy items. Finally, here are some other supplies you will need when packing and organizing a storage unit:

  • Duct tape
  • Black marker
  • Packing paper
  • Plastic bubbles
  • Moving blankets
  • Scissors

Keep in mind that you should always use new moving boxes. Used boxes are not as safe for transporting your items. The bottoms might break while you carry them and your items might get damaged more easily.

Consider the layout of your unit

Because you will be using your storage unit frequently, you need to take the layout into consideration. When you place boxes inside, try to put them against one wall. The furniture you have should go against the other. This will leave an aisle in the middle of your unit so that you can easily reach both the furniture and the boxes. Alternatively, place the boxes you will need the most as close to the aisle as possible.

It takes some time to organize a storage unit for frequent use. You need to put extra thought into it as well. For example, you should know to keep your valuable items off of the storage unit floor. To do this, you can use pallete racking Saudi Arabia. These pallets are excellent for keeping dirt away from your belongings.

Label clearly when you organize a storage unit

When you want to take something out of your storage unit, you don’t want to open each box to find it. It will undo all the hard work you did when you packed and organized it. Instead, you should label each box clearly with a black marker while you pack for storage. Make sure that you do so on all sides of the boxes. Moreover, if you have something fragile or breakable, write FRAGILE legibly on all sides. This will ensure that whoever handles the boxes knows what is inside.

Pack books in smaller boxes.
Don’t put any heavy boxes on top of your books.

To help you stay more organized, you should write which room the box came from. Additionally, write a  detailed list of the items inside. Finally, you can assign a number to each box and create a more detailed inventory list.

Make an inventory list

Being as detailed as possible when you pack for a move can be very helpful when you organize a storage unit for frequent use. While it does take some extra time, you should create a master list of all of your boxes and items. Write down the number of each box and exactly what is inside. Furthermore, you can note down exactly where it is located in your unit. This will help you find what you need in no time. Make sure to tape a copy of this list to the wall of your unit. That way, you don’t have to carry it with you every time you go to retrieve something. But also have one copy in your house, just in case.

If you prefer, you can use your computer instead of paper. There are many helpful tools online that can help you keep track. This is also a safer alternative because you will always be able to view it. Finally, instead of writing it out, you can print out the list. This will save you time and you will be able to read it more easily.

Install shelves in your storage unit

Making the most of the space in your storage unit should be a priority. While you can’t make the floor larger, you can make use of the vertical space. This involves installing metal shelves in your unit. These shelves are ideal for storing small or medium-sized boxes. If you have something heavier, place it on the floor instead. Also, keeping things on shelves and off the floor will help you prevent mold in your storage unit. On the other hand, if you can’t put in shelves, you can consider your stacking method. The boxes you will need the least should be furthest from the aisle. Moreover, heavier boxes should go on the bottom so that they don’t crush the lighter ones.

Many warehouses use these shelves.
Metal shelves are easy to install and keep clean.

Climate control is a good idea when organizing a storage unit

Whether this is a short-term or a long-term solution, you want to know that your items are safe. Temperature can affect certain items greatly and even damage them over time. This is especially true for items made of wood or leather. That is why you should consider climate control when you organize a storage unit for frequent access. You will know that those extremely high or low temperatures will have no effect on your belongings. While it may cost a little more, it is less than it would be to replace all of those items.

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