Benefits of long-term storage rental

There are situations when long-term storage rental is the only solution for your problem. People who organize car shipping from Saudi Arabia face these situations regularly. Even if you have not planned to move large items, make sure that you have considered this option. Otherwise, you can end up with a bunch of stuff that you do not have a clue where they belong to. Although most of the time, it is not necessary, you should have these in mind in the following situations.

  • If you have planned to travel for an extended period of time, maybe it is good to move precious and large items in storage;
  • Living abroad for a set of time presumes that your valuable items and furniture will be unprotected. International movers Jeddah will surely help with furniture that you take with you, but you should put other pieces of furniture in storage;
  • Long-term storage rental saves time when moving. Since you will not move all items immediately – place it all somewhere safe and then choose what to do with them;
  • When renting long-term storage, you actually save money on monthly rent;
  • During the renovation, it is good to put furniture and valuable items where it is safe.

For most people, the biggest question is what to put in storage once when they have rented it. Although it seems a natural choice, as everyday items should be with us, it is not so simple. Putting items in the storage means that you permanently put them away, so choose smartly.

A girld and a classic car
Car shipping services know that long-term storage renting is a good option

Benefits of long-term storage rental

No matter the type of rental, by choosing storage, you can resolve many problems. On some way, long-term storage rental can help on long term with spare furniture or wardrobe. However, those are not the only benefits that renting long-term storage has. In some cases, it could help in starting a business or changing a job.

Save space and furniture

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most important things when moving is about to save your stuff. Storage Saudi Arabia provides a space that will protect your items. However, maybe you are not currently interested in having extra space for your stuff. In case you change your mind, keep in mind that most of the time, putting away your furniture means protecting it from damages.

Safe for specific and fragile items

Maybe you have precious grandmother’s vase that you need to protect during moving. Although carefully, you cannot look at fragile items all the time. Long-term storage rental protects items that you want to save during moving.

Long-term storage rental allows preparing of the home properly

When you put your items away, it will be much easier to organize moving or renovation in your home. You will finally be able to measure the house and rooms and adjust the furniture to them. Also, you will protect the items during this process.

Preparing stuff for long-term storage rental

Long-term storage rental seems as simple, but you should prepare for it as in any other cases. For most people just choosing and classifying of the stuff could be seriously difficult. On the other hand, you should define the needs for storage. Packing stuff because of moving in a hurry should be different from renting storage due to changing a job.

A storage
Make a plan and an inventory list before renting storage long term

Make a plan and an inventory list

A problem with long-term storage renting is that you can easily forget some items that you have put there. Those usually happen with things that you have not used in your home regularly. That is why it is essential to make a list of the items and organize them.

Organize packing

Sometimes it is best to use the help of your friends and family. In case that you are not the only person who pack things, make sure that others know for your inventory list. You can use a system of labeling and mark items as you have decided.

Tips for successful long-term storage rental

Following those instructions surely help in a long-term storage rental. However, you should know that there are situations that you cannot plan so carefully. Thanks to the people that already have experience with this, we can provide you pieces of beneficial advice.

Set up autopay

This service people mostly use for parking or renting of the apartment when they are aboard. However, in case you need to travel for a long time, you should be sure that you will pay monthly rent on time. Thanks to the banks, you can easily set up an amount of money that you will surely pay for your storage. Do it even you are in the same country. People easily forget those things.

Choose local storages

It is much better to choose a warehouse in Saudi Arabia than from a company outside of the country. Local moving companies and storage owners know what to pay attention to. In some cases, it could be a temperature or climate. There are situations when you should quickly contact them as problem occur.

A man with boxes
Prepare yourself for a lot of boxes


It is very important to have insurance when renting storage. When long-term storage rental is about, it is even more critical. Your items will be out of your site for a long time. Also, although carefully protected, troubles and damages can always happen. Insurance is still good just-in-case protection.

Ask somebody from time to time

In case that you have rent storage due to moving abroad, you need somebody to check your items there. It should be a person of trust, that have time for that and willing to help you. We are sure that storages are well-protected, but yet, it is good to control your stuff there.

Choose storages that are easy to load

You will not be able to change items and put in storage again whenever you like. However, it is imperative to choose storage that trucks or your car can approach. That is especially important when you have chosen long-term storage rental to protect fragile items.

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