Best practices of global shipping

Today we will talk about what is the best practice of global shipping. This is a really broad term so every one of us can easily get lost in terms and regulations. We present to you a mini guide for best practices of global shipping. After you read this post, everything will get clear to you about global shipping, customs, regulations, and terms you will need to follow.

You need to be prepared for everything. Global shipping can be so difficult you even can’t imagine. You will be in charge of navigating transportation, custom compliance, keeping costs down, optimizing supply chain processes, etc. Selling beyond your borders can be very challenging but also it can be an important growth for your business. 

First of all, you will need a strong global shipping strategy

Strategy is one of the most important things in every business, especially in global shipping. If you have a good strategy, you have a start-up for global shipping. In global shipping, the cost tends to be high, but with well-planed global shipping, strategy can improve your business and keep your costs low.

Options for global shipping

Here are a few options for global shipping. It’s up to you to choose what is the best practices of global shipping for you. Make a decision on how you want your goods to travel globally. Would it be air freight or ocean shipping? It’s important to you to know that your cargo needs to cross extremely long distances. Whatever you choose, have in mind that each of these methods has some advantages and disadvantages.

Airfreight advantages

Like I said earlier every method has advantages and disadvantages. With airfreight, your cargo can travel long distances for short periods of time. Customers love this. For example, the national shipping company of Saudi Arabia uses air freight. Here you can see some advantages:

  • High-level safety
  • Intercontinental transportation for short period of time
  • Low risk for accidents

    air freight
    Airfreight is surely the safest method of global shipping. But air freight will increase your costs

Ocean shipping advantages

Ocean shipping is the best practice for global shipping when is about to enormous lower your costs. It’s a well-known practice that offers shippers to lower their costs to an economical point. This is one of the most available options since 90 percent of our planet is cover by oceans. I will leave you here some advantages of the ocean shipping method:

  • Oversized, heavy, and bulky cargo capability
  • Economical shipping method
  • Safty

    ship freighter
    If you choose ocean shipping method you will save some money this is economical global shipping practise

Conditions of your goods in transport

If any of your goods feel necessary for any special condition, you will definitely need to be ready to meet those conditions. Product safety and correctness is at the first place when it comes about practices of global shipping. For example, you are selling product that are sensitive on temperature change, certainly, you are obliged to provide cold chain services to transport your goods. Now, when you have theese information, you just need to play smart.

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