What to do first after moving to KSA

Planning your move to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for job seeking or expanding your business? You are at an ideal place right now! Regardless of the reasons for your upcoming move, you will need to prepare before the big day comes. What do preparations actually mean? Firstly, you need to organize your transition to KSA. Secondly, you need to explore a new country before you get here but also after you arrive at your new business or home address. So, you will need to contact some of the finest moving and logistic companies in Saudi Arabia and make a strategy for your move. Luckily, our moving experts will help you do this in the best possible way. Also, we will help you get informed about a new culture, country. Today we will remind you what to do first after moving to KSA. Let’s prepare for a fresh start!

Prepare for an unforgettable chapter of your life in KSA

Whether you are moving as a single young professional or moving with your family, you may wonder what are things to do in Saudi Arabia as an expat. Thankfully, there are so many different things to do and places to visit after your relocation. But before you even get to KSA, make sure to trust your possession and goods to trustworthy relocation services in Saudi Arabia. Once you have all set up for your move, you can focus on the phase after the move.

Man thinking about what to do first after moving in KSA
Consider in advance what to do first after moving to KSA.

Our warm recommendation is to plan out a short trip or entire weekend to explore the most attractive places for newcomers in Saudi Arabia. There is no doubt, there is no better way to adjust to a new environment than being in a tourist role. Even if you don’t have too much time to stay in this role, make sure to take some time for visiting different places in Saudi Arabia.

Discover what to do first after moving to KSA

When moving for the job, it is equally important to plan out what to do first after relocation to KSA. This way, you will feel at home pretty soon. Being a stranger in a new country is not easy at all. However, there are many ways to speed up your adjusting to a new environment. Even if you need to hire shipping and logistic experts for moving your business to KSA, don’t let that stop you from meeting your new environment. Although it is hard to visit several places right after the move, you shouldn’t give up on exploring KSA. In any case, it will take some time to get used to a completely different culture and create a new routine.

Saudi Arabia
Take time to visit the unique ‏Ushaiqer heritage village.

Regardless of the country you are coming from, you may be surprised by the weather here. Although it is very hot for even eight months of the year in the KSA, you will get used to different weather soon. While you are adapting to different weather, we can suggest to you what to do but also what are the attractive places to visit. Thus, below you will find a list of some interesting activities in KSA right after you arrive.

List of activities you should not miss after moving to KSA

This list contains interesting activities for everyone:

  • Spend a family day at one of Jeddah’s Theme Parks. You can enjoy a night of rides and games at one of the  popular amusement parks here in Saudi Arabia;
  • Shop for souvenirs at amazing Mall of Arabia;
  • Dreaming of soft white sand and gorgeous turquoise water? Relax in the sun at Silver Sands Beach;
  • Take a quick stop or drive by at Bicycle Square near King Fahd Road.
  • Visit the tallest fountain of its kind in the world- popular tourist attraction in Jeddah is King Fahd’s Fountain;
  • Enjoy a live dolphin show or swim with dolphins at the Fakieh aquarium. This will be an unforgettable experience for you and your family.
  • Learn something interesting about traditional architecture and Islamic art at the incredible Al Rahma Mosque;
  • You should see the tallest unsupported flagpole in the world at the Saudi Flag Roundabout;
  • Take time for a quick and delicious meal at some of the Al Baik fast-food chains. There is a belief that you can meet people after you taste their traditional food;
  • Spend a relaxing afternoon window shopping at Red Sea Mall;
  • When wondering what to do first after moving to KSA, you should see the Jeddah Lighthouse is the world’s tallest lighthouse.

It will be hard to choose what to do first after moving to KSA

Even though our list of attractive activities for newcomers in KSA is pretty short, it may be difficult for you to choose only some of them. Saudi Arabia is a fascinating country like no other. We truly believe you will enjoy meeting KSA. Whether you opt for activities with your family or as a single, you will have an amazing time. Also, diversity in landscape and scenery in Saudi Arabia will be something you will love about this county.

Thinking man
For sure you will have a real struggle to decide what to visit first.

Unluckily, if you are still not ready for your move you can’t be excited as much as you should. So, make sure to prepare for handling your relocation in advance. Creating a good plan enables you to keep looking forward to many awesome things you can do after you move in. That is the only way to experience all the amazing things that await you once you came to Saudi Arabia.

In conclusion

Undoubtedly, moving professionals like we are will ease up this process for you. Therefore, take time to read about us or get in touch with our international moving experts. We will make sure to meet all your logistic and moving-related needs.  Also, we will help you get to your new destination on time and trouble-free. With our help, you will have enough time for emotional and mental preparations. When cooperating with our reliable team you can consider what to do first after moving to KSA. This will help you adjust to this amazing country, whether you are coming from America, Europe, or any other part of the world.

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