Common oversize shipping issues in 2022

It goes without saying that the bigger package you plan to ship, the bigger problems you will face. Mainly because large packages require special everything, from packing and handling to transporting and storage spaces.  And it doesn’t matter if you are relocating locally or internationally, for personal or business reasons, these are just some of the most common oversize shipping issues you may face. Therefore, it’s crucial to hire the best professionals in the field to assist you with potential inconveniences. Companies like the Four Winds Saudi Arabia are more than equipped to handle your oversize items and ship them whenever needed. They also offer a wide range of options depending on where and when you would need your package delivered. However, it’s always good to be prepared, so here is a list of some of the most common issues while shipping oversize packages.

shipping space filled with containers
Tackle the big issues of oversized shipments with ease and eliminate common oversize shipping issues.

Common oversize shipping issues in 2022

  • Customs clearance and the required documentation
  • Meeting and transporting regulations
  • Packages being late or lost
  • Damage during the transport

As you can see, oversize packages face similar issues as regular ones, especially if they of international kind. However, their size doubles the time and work needed to make sure they are delivered in perfect condition. It also takes considerable planning ahead, as not all warehouses or logistic partners are equipped to properly handle such large items. On top of that, many courier services will simply refuse to transport oversize packages or overcharge you for delivery. Because of this, you should consider hiring professional freight forwarders to assist you. Below, you will find how they can assist you in resolving the above-mentioned issues.

border control one of the most common oversize shipping issues
Be sure to check if you have all the papers prepared – you don’t want your items to remain a month or more at the customs. Or worse, returned.

Customs clearance and the importance of organization

Most dealings with customs are headache-inducing and seldom taken upon. Nevertheless, this is one of the most important steps when shipping internationally. It doesn’t matter if you found a perfect logistics partner, cushioned your items so they don’t get damaged, or did the math to ensure your items arrived on time. If you didn’t prepare the required documentation for customs, you will waste all the hard work. Not to mention the time and money that would be lost. This is especially true if you are shipping to Saudi Arabia. As one of the top players in import industries, Saudi customs clearance has a strict set of rules for both imports and exports. However, you don’t have to despair, as Four Winds Saudi Arabia owns a customs license. In other words, they offer highly-knowledgeable and well-trained brokers to take care of all of your customs issues.

Be aware of special regulations for meeting and transporting

Once your items pass customs, it’s time to further transport them to their destination. Depending on where they are supposed to be shipped, you might want to check with your local logistic partner if there are any special rules. For example, if you are shipping high-value items, should you hire extra security or escort service? Or, if you have multiple oversize shipments, would the transportation truck even be allowed to enter the city, or will it have to go via alternative routes? Luckily, freight forwarders in Bahrain will take care of those issues for you.

trucks parked at the back of the warehouse
Each country has its own set of rules when shipping oversized items, so be sure to check them in advance.

The only thing you need to do is double-check with them if the items have all the required paper, or if they need any special handling. Generally speaking, freight forwarding is the perfect solution when shipping oversized items. It makes the whole process easier and more comfortable for the shipment. Meaning it arrives without damage and on time whenever and wherever needed.

Late and lost packages are one of the most common oversize shipping issues

Speaking of time, it’s usually your worst enemy when planning any international shipping. Of course, there are a lot of factors you can not predict. As mentioned before, customs are the most time-consuming so be sure to check Bahrain customs clearance procedures if you plan to ship there. But natural disasters, traffic density, or accidents also slow the delivery. Despite this, there are still some points you can check in advance to avoid the most common mistakes. Inquire with your partner about the insurance policy in case of stolen or lost packages. This will help you minimize the cost during the transport, as well as when you decide to store the items in the warehouse. Depending on the size of your shipment, you might also want to check out speed cargo services. They do offer to transport large items, but those that are considerably oversized are better with bigger vehicles.

Reduce damage during transport with good packaging

First of all, check with the moving company about their packaging services, as they are better equipped to handle oversized shipments. In case they are unable to assist you with packaging in the destination of origin, there are many ways you can do this by yourself. Strong boxes and duck tapes are your best friends when doing this on your own. However, the most useful advice here is to split the shipment into smaller ones if possible.

Next to consider when shipping oversized items, are the pallets. A sturdy pallet will not only keep your items in place, but it will also protect them better. This is not something you need to provide in advance. Yours is only to give your shipping partner the details for the item or items you are transporting. Additionally, they will handle this, so you need to check with the items when the time comes to use them.

As you can see, oversized items require special care with each and every step of their moving journey. However, making sure that everybody is properly handling the packages, will always pay off in the end. Therefore, if you plan on shipping oversize items, take your time and prepare everything. This is the only secure way to make sure you don’t run into the most common oversize shipping issues. Furthermore, find and build strong relationships with the moving company. Especially if you plan on using their warehouse, or similar, storage facilities to keep your goods safe.


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