Controlling Air Freight Costs

Speed is the stellar feature of air freight. But, the height of its costs may come to you as a surprise. Luckily, our skilled relocation companies in Jeddah are here to help you. Read the following text to learn a few practical tips for controlling air freight costs on your next shipment.

Best Practices for Controlling Air Freight Costs

The cost of air cargo is calculated based on weight, rather than volume. Apart from fuel prices, the costs of Air Freight are determined by the supply and demand balance, as well. It’s the priciest freight forwarding option, but it’s also the fastest one. Anyway, controlling Air Freight costs is possible, if you implement the following tips:

  • Choose a good freight forwarding company
  • Maintain business with your forwarder
  • Consider consolidation

Choose a good freight forwarding company

If you are looking for a reliable company to handle your air freight to Saudi Arabia, you are at the right place. The best way to reduce your Air Freight costs is to hire a company with long experience and good resources. A good freight forwarder will help you with complex freight documents, insurance, and customs. In addition, they will negotiate the best price with the carrier, and find the most convenient route. The right freight forwarding company is the most economical way for your air shipments. Controlling Air Freight costs is easy with reliable professionals by your side.

Airport terminal
A good freight forwarder will help you with controlling Air Freight costs

Maintain business with your forwarder

Once you find a good freight forwarding company, maintain the business! This is a great strategy to minimize air freight costs in the long run. For example, consider using warehouse services your forwarder offers. Build a relationship, and talk to the company about setting up a long-term agreement. In this case, you can negotiate, or even lock the freight costs. Besides, your freight forwarder can protect you from cost fluctuations in a way that will bring you mutual benefits. This is one of the best ways to control your Air Freight costs.

Negotiate with your freight forwarder possible long-term agreements, that will benefit you both

Consider Consolidation for Controlling Air Freight Costs

Consolidated freight or console is air freight that contains more than one shipment. For this option, consider the size and the needs of your business first. With a console, you can save on Air Freight costs significantly. Find other shippers whose goods are going to the same destination as yours. Combine your shipments and enjoy the reduced air freight costs, on both sides. If this option is appealing to you, but you can’t find a shipper, talk to your trusted freight forwarder. As experienced professionals, they will be able to provide you the best solution.

To sum up, controlling Air Freight costs is doable, with the assistance of a good freight forwarder. We wish you good luck!

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