Cost of living in Dammam, Explained

The thought of moving to an unfamiliar place can be really stressful for most people. Especially when moving to a country you know nothing about. If you’re considering moving to the gorgeous city of Dammam, there are a few things you need to know. In this article we will talk about the cost of living in Dammam. After you’ve familiarized yourself with everything living in Dammam entails, be sure to acquire the help of Four Winds Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia’s most trusted and reliable company. They are bound to make your relocation as smooth as possible!

Cost of rent and real estate in Dammam

All in all, rent is not that expensive in Dammam. However, the cost of rent varies depending on where you find an apartment. Outside of city center you can expect to pay $292.82 for a 1-bedroom apartment and $495.42 for a 3-bedroom apartment. On the other hand, in city center that price goes up drastically. Especially for a 1-bedroom apartment, which costs $658.84 a month. For a 3-bedroom apartment in the city center you can expect to pay $668.45.

Moving to Saudi Arabia is quite a challenge, however with the help of Four Winds Saudi Arabia it will be much easier

If you are looking to buy an apartment, price per square meter in the city center is $1,206.72, whereas the price outside of city center is $1.113.59. To reduce your cost of living in Dammam, consider living outside of city center. Whether you are renting or buying real estate you will need help relocating. To ease your relocation, our movers and packers Dammam will be at your disposal! We are trained to pack and move your things as efficient and stress-free as possible.


Owning a car is a great investment in Dammam, however it’s good to know that you can get by without it. Besides owning a car, many people use taxis as a method of transportation. The starting price in a normal tariff is $2.66 and 1km is the same price. However, keep in mind that you might need to do some bargaining with the taxi driver. If you’re worried about transporting your belongings to Dammam fear not as shipping companies Saudi Arabia can do the heavy lifting for you!

Another option is commuting by bus. The Saudi Public Transport Company (SAPTCO) is the national bus company in Saudi Arabia. You can buy a one-way ticket for $0.80 or a monthly pass for 32$. A rechargeable SAPTCO smart cards is $2.66.

Cost of domestic bills in Dammam

Now that you’ve moved to Dammam thanks to our trustworthy relocation services Saudi Arabia, you need to take into account the cost of domestic bills before starting your life in Dammam. Below is a thorough examination of costs of utilities, telecommunication and groceries.

cost of living in dammam
Dammam is one of the more affordable cities in the land of oil


Utilities will not play a substantial role in your cost of living in Dammam. As a matter of fact, utilities in Saudi Arabia are cheaper than in most countries around the world. For an 85m2 apartment, utilities usually cost around $95, electricity, water, garbage services, cooling and heating included. However, it is important to note that the price does vary throughout the year. Dammam has hot temperatures all year round, and especially during summer. That is why the cost of utilities can go up drastically if you choose to have AC turned on constantly.


Compared to countries like the UK, Europe and the US, telecommunications are notably more expensive. Additionally, the range of options is quite limited. You will have to pay triple the price to get a smaller service for internet, TV and mobile services than you would in the US.

Saudi Arabia has one of the most expensive Internet services in the world

If you want global packages for your TV, they are available through OSN, who offer two options. These global packages cost $42 and $93 a month, respectively. As for your mobile services and internet, the most reliable mobile phone and internet service provider in the country is STC (Saudi Telecom Company). Also, they are the most expensive so expect to pay a lot for what you get. Depending on your needs mobile packages go from $10 to almost $75 a month. Bundle packages, which include both internet and Tv services, can go for almost $250 a month.


When it comes to calculating your cost of living in Dammam, groceries typically have the same price as they would in the US, Europe and the UK. Although certain items can be more or less expensive, depending on if they’re imported or not. Below is a list of common groceries and their prices in Dammam.

  • Eggs (12) – $1.96
  • Bread (500g) – $1.10
  • Milk (1l) – $1.58
  • Rice – white (1kg) – $1.94
  • Bananas (1kg) – $1.51
  • Water (1.5 l) – $0.69
  • Chicken fillets (1kg) – $7.59

Healthcare cost in Dammam

When moving to a different country, it’s important to learn about that country’s healthcare system. Most foreigners are worried about the availability, quality and cost of healthcare in Dammam. We can inform you that all Saudi Arabia’s residents have access to free healthcare. However, it’s important to mention that you need private international health insurance as well. Without it, you will not be able to access public healthcare.

This is substantial for your cost of living in Dammam as you will have to pay $1.500 on an annual basis. That is the price for one person. On the other hand, the price for a 4-member family can even be $5.000. That means you will have to pay over $400 a month to cover the expenses for your whole family. Although it may seem quite pricey, everyone can say that having peace doesn’t have a price.

Bottom line

Despite the world’s current situation, the cost of living in Dammam has not changed drastically. Saudi Arabia has a stable economy, which was able to bounce back quite quickly from the situation in 2020.  This is why most consider living in Dammam still reasonably priced. If you’re moving to the oil empire, be sure that our services at Four Winds Saudi Arabia will be of the highest quality!

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