Crate vs. Pallet: The Differences You Need to Know

There are many ways to ship goods internationally. However, the best options are crates and pallets. Those are the first two things you think of when you say “shipping”. Both ways of handling and packing goods are great, especially safety vise. To see which options suit you better, Four Winds Saudi Arabia has prepared a crate vs. pallet comparison!

Crates- pros and cons

What are crates? Cartes are wooden boxes used for transporting goods. Many moving companies in Saudi Arabia use them. They can be of different dimensions, depending on the belongings they will be transporting. Moving companies use crates for packing many diverse belongings. You can pack fragile and non-fragile items without worrying that they will break or damage. Cartes can also hold many materials, from wood to silk and glass. They secure belongings and protect them from dust and sun. 

Three men in a warehouse working with a pallet
Choosing between crate vs pallet is essential for shipping companies.

Crates are a good option for:

  • Clothes,
  • Some furniture,
  • Books,
  • Medicine,
  • Furnace, etc.

Crates are also easy to handle and do not take too much space if organized smartly. Since crates are wooden, they are not the best option for more valuable items. For example- crucial personal documents or expensive goods. Excessive warmth and rain can damage them. Also, crates are a bit less secure than pallets. If you choose the wrong dimensions for your crate, it can damage the goods. These are the things packaging companies in Saudi Arabia think about when opting between pallets and crates. Thinking about crate vs pallet is vital when choosing how to ship packages.

Pallets- pros and cons

Pallets are also wooden structures used for shipping. They consist of a few boards that are connected. They are easy to move around and easy to use. Also, they are a bit more secure than crates, since you have to wrap goods multiple times to stay in one place. And not get damaged. Moving companies usually use crates for bigger deals since they can ship many packages at once. Therefore, they are more convenient for relocating thousands of belongings. Some companies even transport food this way. Therefore, choosing pallets for relocation services Saudi Arabia is a good option!

A bunch of pallets
Both crates and pallets are good shipping options.

Pallets are not convenient for protecting goods from dust and rain. If companies don’t handle and do not organize goods correctly, there is a big chance that the damage will happen. That can also occur if there are too many things on one pallet. Goods can fall off and break if you do not secure them well. Therefore, you should think about this when choosing crate vs. pallet.

Crate or Pallet- the final decision

Choosing the crate vs. pallet depends on your needs. If you need to transport more goods, it’s best to opt for pallets. However, if you plan on transporting valuable goods, opting for a crate is a better option. Crates can protect better from sun and rain, and you can wrap your valuables with soft materials. On the other hand, pallets are wrapped with wrapping tape, and you should use them if you are confident in your wrapping skills. Whichever option you choose, your shipment will be a success.

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