Daily life and social customs in Saudi Arabia

If you are moving to Saudi Arabia, surely you would like to learn about their daily life and social customs. As you probably already know, Saudi Arabia is an Islamic country. They have traditional values that are strongly treasured even today. Of course, tradition and customs are much different than those in western countries. One of the most distinctive differences is in the status of women. Still, this is only one part of their tradition. There are many more things that you could find strange and unusual.  However, Saudis are very friendly and warm people. They will know how to make everyone who shows them respect feel welcome. Therefore, before hiring moving companies in Yanbu for your relocation, use this article to learn about daily life and social customs in Saudi Arabia. It is good to arrive there prepared and well acquainted.

Learn about the daily life and social customs in Saudi Arabia before you move

Saudi Arabia is a large country. It occupies the largest portion of the Arab Peninsula. Arab people and the whole of Islam originate from this area. It is one of the reasons why they so strictly respect Islam in Saudi Arabia until this day. Islamic culture and customs pervade throughout all aspects of daily life. So, if you are moving to this beautiful country, you should learn about their way of life. Of course, it is always better to do it before you arrive and start living here. Therefore, before your international movers Jeddah arrive to pick up your precious belongings, take some time and learn how to behave in such a culture. This will help you to assimilate faster. But also to live a better life in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. So start learning today.

Using laptop
Use the internet to learn about daily life and social customs in Saudi Arabia

The Arabic language has many different dialects; luckily, you do not have to know it to start a conversation

Naturally, the first thing that you will notice that is different than in the US is the language. In Saudi Arabia, people speak the Arabic language. It is the language of all Saudi Arabian citizens. However, even half of the immigrants use it as well. There are three regional dialects of the Arabic language that are used in this country. Najdi Arabic, Gulf Arabic, and Hejazi Arabic. Najdi Arabic dialect is most widespread. 8 million people in the country speak it. It is also a dialect that is spoken in the capital city of Riyadh. If you are moving to Jeddah, on the other hand, you will mostly hear Hejazi Arabic.

There are other languages besides Arabic

Besides the Arabic language which is an official language in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you can hear many other languages. Immigrants from Bangladesh, Philippines, Pakistan, India, and Egypt mostly use those, however.  Luckily, if you want to adapt to daily life and social customs in Saudi Arabia, you do not have to learn any of these languages. Saudi citizens mostly use English very well. However, to show some respect, learn at least a few basic words in Arabic. 

How to start a conversation in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a very traditionally oriented country. A family is the most important part of their lives. However, they are all very business oriented as well. Family and business are probably the best topics to start a conversation. Especially, when you are meeting someone for the first time. Saudi citizens are very religious and conservative. So, avoid topics related to alcohol, women’s status and similar questions that are reexamining their tradition and daily life. People from Saudi Arabia, even though very conservative, are mostly very well educated. And have a great sense of humor. As long as you remain polite and respectful to their culture.

Two Saudis at a table
Saudis are well educated and have a great sense of humor

Public display of emotions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Saudis are very warm and affectionate people. Especially with their families and loved ones. However, displaying emotions in public places is not welcomed. Particularly between a man and a woman. On the other hand, you can often hear raised voices, especially in the business world. That doesn’t mean that people are angry. It is just an indication of an individual emotive stance. However, avoid raising your voice and displaying anger in public. Especially as a foreigner towards a Saudi. Be polite. Act nicely. And you will have no trouble.

Certain dress code is an important part of daily life and social customs in Saudi Arabia

As mentioned above, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a very conservative country. You can also see that in the way they dress. Of course, everyone knows how Saudi men dress. You will always see them wearing their national “thobs” and headcover scarfs with a black band. Sometimes with certain variations. Depending on the occasion and time of the year. As relocation to Saudi Arabia should not be taken lightly, you should also know how to dress. You cannot wear short sleeves, pants, or skirts. Moreover, you should wear long and conservative dresses when you are in public places. Despite high temperatures. Make sure that you prepare your clothes before moving here.

Female dolls wearing traditional scarfs
Make sure that you know how to dress.

Gender segregation in Saudi Arabia

One tradition in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is most known. That is the difference between male and female roles and responsibilities in their everyday life.  Even though women are gaining more space and work opportunities. The clear segregation is noticeable. Political, governmental, and high-level executive positions are for men only. However, in some fields of work mixing with men is possible. Especially in the medical and educational services. before you arrive here, learn how to act in public.

Never stop learning about daily life and social customs in Saudi Arabia

Social customs in Saudi Arabia are so different than those in western countries. If you want to adapt more easily you should never stop learning. Luckily there are local English TV and radio channels. You can use them to learn more about their country and tradition. Taking participation in social and cultural activities where you can interact with locals is also a good way to get acquainted with local customs. Of course, the best way to learn is to get out. Visit the local café, market, or sports event. You will see how it all looks first hand. And adapt more easily.

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