Dedicated Warehousing vs. Shared Warehousing: What is the difference?

You undoubtedly understand that there is a significant difference in dedicated warehousing vs. shared warehousing comparison. However, many people find those differences, not that much important. More likely, they think that differences apply on only a small part of the business. In most conditions client could choose any of those two storages without much thought. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. You must select warehouse Saudi Arabia smartly, or you will end up with too large or too small storage for a higher price than you need to pay. In the end, you may not be able to change conditions or even the size of the warehouse as you may need. There are many questions that you may ask yourself before choosing between those two.

  • How much you can pay for the storage and if you have flexible costs in your business depending on the season;
  • Do you need a fixed size of the storage or you to need to change it time to time;
  • It is vital if you have acceptable accessibility in any part of the storage;
  • Maybe your business needs storage with special conditions (like temperature);
  • To make dedicated warehousing vs. shared warehousing objective verdict, you may know your plans for the future and possible needs.

However, you may know that both types of storages have advantages and good sides. The only who can make a verdict between those two is only you.

Dedicated warehouse that you will learn how looks like when learn dedicated warehousing vs. shared warehousing
Choose the best warehouse for you and your business

Dedicated warehousing – advantages and disadvantages

In case you have established a business with a tendency of growth in years to come, you perhaps will choose dedicated warehousing. However, these conditions are not the only you need to know in choosing between dedicated warehousing vs. shared warehousing.


Dedicated warehouse surely costs more, since you are the only person who uses it. Not only that you will pay more, but the price will be fixed for a long time. Most likely, you will be able to take them for longer than seven years. The price will be fixed for that amount of time.


It is evident that a dedicated warehouse has a defined surface that you can take. However, that place is only yours so you can adjust to your needs. People who use cargo transportation Saudi Arabia will know what we mean. Size of the warehouse is significant if you have large items or the number of items increase over the years.


A freight forwarder Saudi Arabia has specific conditions that apply to goods that you bring into the country. However, when goods are here, you may need a space where you can pack them easily. That is why it is essential to use warehouses that you have accessibility for your vehicles. Dedicated warehouses are an excellent option for that because only you have access.

Daily usage

Many people find dedicated warehouses more private and comfortable for everyday usage. It means that you can use storage whenever you can. It also preserves your privacy when it is needed. Some people simply do not like when somebody else can see their goods.

Shared warehousing

These types of warehouses are more likely made for small business. However, it does not mean that they are bad or small. You will be able to change the size and conditions in this warehouse as your needs change. On the other hand, in dedicated warehousing vs. shared warehousing game, only your needs are important.

Shared warehouse
Shared warehouse must have access for every user


Maybe the best part dedicated warehousing vs. shared warehousing competition is price control that shared warehousing allows. You can actually change the surface you use, depending on the needs during the year. On the other hand, shared warehouses are usually limited to 1-3 years of usage. It means that you will not be tied to the one warehouse for a long time.


Do not worry about the size of the shared warehouse. It actually has the option of changing the surface that you need. It also changes the price of the warehouse and provides you control of the costs. One of the best side of shared warehouses for owners is the maximum usage of the space.


Many people worry about access to vehicles in shared warehouses. However, with good organization, every warehouse can be used easily. They have passages that offer access to every owner in a shared warehouse. Some warehouses also have a reception that controls entering.


Usually a downside of the shared warehousing option. Many people do not like to show their goods and stuff to other users. That is why large business and brands do not use shared warehouses. In case you have a small business or in growth, this is still not that important.

Dedicated Warehousing vs. Shared warehousing – final verdict

We are sure that you already have an opinion which of those two warehouses are good for you. There is great storage service in Saudi Arabia that could help you to choose. However, in case that dedicated warehousing vs. shared warehousing competition still confuses you, few references could help you.

Dedicated warehouse with small items
You are the only person that could choose between warehouses

Dedicated warehousing

As you may conclude, dedicated warehousing is smaller, but made only for you. It should not be hard to choose a larger warehouse if you like. However, having storage only for you is the best advantage that this warehouse has. You will have a private space that only you can use. It also means that you can adjust the size and conditions as you like. You may also like stability in the price for a long time.

Shared warehousing

When shared warehousing is about, the best part of it is price. Not only that they are smaller, but you will pay much less for the same surface. However, flexibility is its main advantage. You will be able to change the space you use and conditions, but only as warehouse allows. Larger warehouses have a reception that controls entering and using the space between warehouses. Since there are many companies in Saudi Arabia, maybe it is better to make a plan for how your business will grow in a few years. In dedicated warehousing vs. shared warehousing question shared warehouse is a better option for growing business.

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