Finding secure storage units in Riyad: how to

Do you have a feeling that your home doesn’t look neat even after a thorough clean up? If you do, you probably use it as storage. Keeping a few items inside your home can be acceptable. But when the excessive items begin to affect your daily life it is time to do something about it. Of course, the first thing you will think about is finding packaging companies in Saudi Arabia and putting your stuff to storage. However, finding secure storage units in Riyadh can be tiring. Particularly if you do not want to rent the first unit you come across, and you want to find units with good conditions and installed safety systems.

First steps in finding secure storage units in Riyadh

Finding secure storage units in Riyadh, like in every city in the world is a tiring process.  You cannot just go online, locate a storage facility and put your stuff inside. You need to know exactly how many items you have so you would know how large storage units you would need. If you do not want to waste money, you should pack your stuff in boxes so they would take less space. Therefore, your first goal is to get rid of the junk, identify items that you will store, and finally find boxes in which you will pack your items. Of course, if you are just moving to Saudi Arabia and your items are coming from Riyadh customs clearance they will be packed and you will know everything.  Only after you do this you can start searching for secure storage units in Riyadh.

Pile of boxes
Your items need to be tightly packed before finding secure storage units in Riyadh

Before finding secure storage units in Riyadh, get rid of your junk

So you need to start determining how big storage units you will need. Of course, no one wants to waste money on storing junk. Therefore your first goal is to get rid of it. Browse through your items. Locate the items that you are not using regularly, items that are in bad shape, or items that you just do not wish to keep and remove them. If among those items there are some stuff that could be of use to anyone, you can try to sell or donate them.

Determine which items are going to storage

Now you should determine exactly which items are going to be stored. Make a list of those items. This list will be good as a reminder about which items are in your storage unit. But it will also help you to determine how many boxes you need to prepare.

Gathering packing supplies

After you make a list of items, you need to gather packing supplies and pack your stuff. Of course, the most important items will be boxes. However you there also a few other things that you will need:

  • Before finding secure storage units in Riyadh, prepare cardboard boxes
  • Plastic boxes with lids for items sensitive to moist
  • Plastic bags
  • Vacuum bags
  • Plastic wraps
  • Packing tapes
  • Labels and markers
A man using vacuum bags
Vacuum bags are a great solution for keeping your clothes in storage

Packing your items for storage

To be able to rent the smallest storage unit possible, you will need to pack your items tightly. If you have clothes, use vacuum bags and suck the air out of them. They will keep your clothes fresh and it will take much less space. Other items you should pack in boxes. Of course, if you will be storing your stuff in an air-conditioned warehouse you do not need to worry about keeping your stuff from moist. However, if you will be keeping them in a regular unit, make sure that everything that is sensitive to moisture is well protected. Either in plastic bags or in plastic containers with sealable lids.

Finding secure storage units in Riyadh online is not the best solution

Once you have prepared your stuff properly, you can start searching for your warehouse Riyadh. Of course, the internet will be the place to look. However, it is not all so convenient as it might seem. Storage facilities usually have many issues. From mold, moist and pests to security. And it can all look great (and usually will) online. Surely they will not post their flaws on the internet. So your task, after you locate an interesting facility, is to go there on foot and see things for yourself.

Finding secure storage units in Riyadh on foot

Finding secure storage units in Riyadh is not rocket science. You need to visit the place and look at how it all looks. Is it a place where you would like to keep your possessions? Is the facility clean? Dirty storage facilities usually have pest problems. Does it look like it is well maintained? Can you find mold on the walls or chipped off the paint? If you can, it is a clear sign of moisture. And we all know what it can do to your items.  Have you seen security guards, cameras or any other sign that they are taking security seriously? All these things should show you whether renting a unit in this facility is a good idea or not.

Surveillance cameras
A secure facility will have 24 h surveillance

How your facility should look

Ideally, you would like to find a well-maintained facility. This means that it is clean, all lights are working, no chipped off paint and so on. Their units shouldn’t have mold on the walls and walls should be dry when you touch them with your hand. There should be holes on the walls and on the ceiling through which pests could come in. There should be security guards at the entrance with 24h security surveillance, alarms, secure locks, and heavy-duty doors. All of these are signs that your facility is taking security seriously.

Finding secure storage units in Riyadh requires preparation and on-foot inspections

As you can see, there are many things you should do before finding secure storage units in Riyadh. Besides through preparations, you will also have to conduct an on-foot inspection if you want to make sure that your facility is really safe for your stuff.

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