Packing and moving IT equipment

One of the most important questions with corporate relocations is packing and moving IT equipment.  These items contain the company’s most important data.  They are very delicate, and fragile. And usually very expensive. That is why movers and packer Dammam pay special attention to how they handle IT equipment during a move. If your company is moving for the first time, either make sure that your computers, screens, printers, and scanners, are packed safely in suitable packing materials. Or hire a professional moving company with experience in corporate relocations to do it.

Packing and moving IT equipment can’t go without proper packing materials

The most important part of packing and moving information technology equipment is to prepare appropriate packing materials. Moving companies in Bahrain have seen many computers go to waste because of the inappropriate packaging. However, companies rarely keep original boxes when they buy technology systems. Mostly because they just take too much space. However, they are the best solution for moving hardware. They have special styrofoam molds inside the box that will stop the item inside from moving and keep it safe from accidental bumps. Keep that in mind next time you are buying IT equipment. If you haven’t kept your original packaging here is what you should prepare.

Pile of old computers
Many computers died because they were not packed properly.

Packaging materials for IT equipment

  • Cardboard boxes are essential material when packing and moving IT equipment. They come in various shapes and sizes. You can even get specialized boxes for moving flat screens.
  • movers and packer Dammam that will keep your screen safe in the middle of the box. And stop it from moving.
  • Bubble plastic for protecting your most fragile components.
  • Plastic bags for cables and small parts
  • Packing tape

Cables can represent a big problem when you are packing and moving IT equipment

When you prepare everything that you need, start unplugging cables. If you are not sure what you are doing, give this job to your company’s technician. If you will be doing this on your own, take photos before you unplug cables. This will be of much help once you start putting things together. Place the cables in a plastic bag and label it.

Packing your boxes

After you unplug everything, you can start packing. Do this slowly. IT equipment is very sensitive. Even the slightest error could cost you immensely. Either by losing precious data or money. Wrap every piece of equipment in bubble plastic. When you are packing computer housings, make sure that they cannot move while they are inside the box. Do not forget to pack their cables together as well. When you are packing screens, do not forget to place foam edge corners on them. If you are not sure what you are doing maybe hiring packaging companies in Saudi Arabia is the smartest thing to do.

Illustration of a cardboard box
Use suitable boxes when packing and moving IT equipment

It is best to hire professionals

Packing and moving IT equipment is a delicate process. Items are fragile and expensive. And they usually contain very important data. Therefore, if it’s possible, do not do it on your own. Hire a professional moving company that is specialized in these types of relocations.

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