Flooring options in a logistics warehouse: Types and Importance

In most warehouses, some criteria have to be satisfied, especially when talking about the quality of the surface. As we already know, the quality of the floor done by professionals only dictates further activities inside the object. Depending on your needs, flooring options in a logistics warehouse can be adjusted so you can get the maximum of them. However, it’s not the best idea to save up some money in the pocket when dealing with basics. One of the reasons is that when you place the ideal floor once, you won’t need to fix it every year. Remember, forklifts carry extremely heavy palettes and boxes daily, so damages are possible. Is that enough to think about hiring shipping and logistics companies?

What are your flooring options in a logistics warehouse?

Maybe one of the best ways to start is to get to know something about the types and importance of flooring. This is a crucial factor when it comes to planning. It’s not about aesthetics- it’s more about the quality. Sometimes it means you’ll need to set aside more money to reach that level, but still, nothing comes easy. Now here comes the tough part: In which one to invest, or which one is the best? Firstly, if you need to choose from some of these flooring options in a logistics warehouse, we recommend considering these:

Storage full of boxes.
Be prepared for transporting heavy items daily, which can cause floor damages.

Heavy-duty industrial flooring

This type of flooring is extremely hard-wearing. It’s super resistant to high temperatures, liquids, and chemicals. You have to consider the purpose of your warehouse. Installing a light-duty floor coating for the environment intended for heavy-duty work will only put the whole place at risk. Basically, it will do the opposite, and cause even more damage or hidden costs. Also, many people don’t pay too much attention to the floor choice that satisfies all security measures.

After some accidents like slips and falls, they are ready to finally change something. Some of the first specifications you have to look for are anti-slip for overall safety, anti-bacterial, and chemical resistance. You can actually satisfy this criteria with these heavy-duty flooring. Not only they are practical, but they also have a versatile finish and are also cost-efficient. Logistics companies in Riyadh will help you with the whole process.

Flow applied epoxy flooring

This flooring type is most commonly used in industrial and retail applications. Because of their strength, these types of floors have been among the most popular ones in the past few years. One of the most beneficial things is the color scheme, and the ability to choose almost every color you imagine. The seamless surface makes it even more suitable for cleaning and maintaining excellent hygiene conditions inside warehouses. We usually recommend this as a fast and cheap solution. Flow applied epoxy can be spread to concrete and other screed substances. Its smoothness and gloss can last up to 15 years, which is one more advantage.

Abandoned warehouse.
Even if you find old warehouse, first thing you have to do is to choose quality flooring.

Heavy-duty cementitious

Other than previous types, this type of warehouse flooring is used mostly for renovation processes. It will practically improve your old floor quality and do the complete transformation of the surface. Floors older than five years usually get scratched and damaged, with some holes inside. It’s not uncommon to see or hear some heavy boxes falling on the ground. That’s what your floor is experiencing. This is a fast-drying solution that enables normal functioning inside the storage within 24 hours after applying.

Having this solution in mind, maybe it’s better to engage logistics companies in Saudi Arabia than to change your old flooring completely. Globally looked, it’s quite cheaper, faster, and less messy. When you’re doing this type of job you have to be effective. Doing more work in shorter period of time is beneficial. You have to deal with customers and work anyways. This is one of the cheapest flooring options in a logistics warehouse.

Heavy-duty resin bound epoxy screeds

With so many choices of industrial floors available nowadays, we understand how hard it can be to choose. What is one of our favorites is this most versatile and popular type of industrial floor- heavy-duty resin bound epoxy screeds. It’s prepared with epoxy primer broadcast plus quartz. Applying is done over industrial floor surfaces. The layer itself is about 6-8 mm, which is thinner than other types from above. Still, it doesn’t mean its quality is lower. The result is almost the same and the goal is to able the floor to handle machines and all those heavy equipment and packets. You don’t have to worry about chemical spills, because we count on everything. Also, it’s resistant to corrosion and is the food industry uses this flooring, for example.

Importance of the warehouse flooring

As we previously said, creating excellent working conditions needs to be a goal of every owner. This means that there is some safety parameter that has to be present. When someone mentions safety, we usually allude to the safety cameras, alarm systems, or security guard patrols. It’s not only that. Security measures need to be applied to the whole working space, including floors. Having old and damaged floors automatically stops your employees or machines to do their work. On the other side, your flooring has to be non-slippery so you can be sure everyone will be safe while working. Maybe you should explore Riyadh and find a perfect logistic company that can help you upgrade your warehouse.

Machine in the move.
Heavy machines can indeed damage floors. Always choose the smoothest one.

How to choose?

We hope that this article helped you with flooring options in a logistics warehouse. Remember, it’s important to look at the wider picture. Whatever you choose, you won’t be wrong be sure of it. If you’re still hesitating, you can still research more about these flooring types. Also, don’t hesitate to alarm help anytime. Always remember to hire professionals, and that good reviews play a vital role. However, if you don’t have a warehouse yet, but you’re willing to start a business, there is a solution. You can always search for warehouse for rent in Jeddah, and use every opportunity you have.




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