Guide to Preparing Your Vehicle for International Shipping

Whether you decided to ship your car domestically or internationally, there are certain safety measures you’ll have to respect. Moving with a car or any other vehicle brings additional responsibility, so making a safe tactic that will prevent damages is a must. The best way for preparing your vehicle for international shipping is to start pretty early. This way, you’ll be able to make a list of necessary steps and then follow them continuously. However, shipping your vehicle on a budget could be challenging, and calling professionals from the National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia can help. Following this universal guide, your whole move will go straightforward.

Preparing your vehicle for international shipping: Full guide

People usually decide to ship their cars when moving internationally, because they can not imagine their routines without one. That’s why the car is the most common vehicle for shipping. Hence, shipping overseas to another country isn’t cheap at all. That’s the main thing you have to consider before you enter the process. Many people think it’s more cost-effective to buy a new car at their next destination as soon as they arrive. We can’t judge them because they want the quickest option. Still, if you’re ready to dive into this adventure, here is what you need to know about this straightforward process:

Collecting paperwork.
Finding every paper and filling all the forms can take long. Start thinking about it now.

Collect the paperwork

As soon as you’re done with the research and when you officially found the right company that offers shipping from your current location to the new one and satisfies your needs, bring the paperwork. That is the crucial part and requires attention. We advise you to do it in the first place and find export documents and the border protection vehicle export cover sheet. Pay attention to the valid ID, vehicle registration, bill of landing, and entirely filled POA, DOT, and EPA forms. It can take time to collect every document just like when engaging other relocation services Saudi Arabia. You have to be persistent and not make the most common mistake like leaving registration for the last day. Don’t take the risk, think about it in advance.


The key part in preparing your vehicle for international shipping is to go and do the regular maintenance. If you’re ready to risk and transport an inoperable vehicle, your logistic company will have to make a large effort to transport it off and on the truck or ship. That increases the price. For those with a limited budget, this is definitely not the best option. Go to a regular checkup and look for some leaks and mechanical issues. Check out tire pressure and work on it to avoid car damage. It won’t be bad to empty your gas tank before the big day. That extra gas will only add on weight which means extra costs. Always leave it quarter full. That’s enough to drive it on and off the transport truck, you don’t really need more than that when shipping from the city of Riyadh.

Mechanic checking the car.
Regular maintenance is a must.

Clean your vehicle and remove belongings

Cleaning inside and outside means that you have to prepare it entirely. Vacuuming also needs to be included in this process, so your car looks ready for the final shipping. Start with cleaning windows, and doors, and continue with doing the same inside. Make a deep cleaning of your seats and remove all your belongings such as coffee mugs, bags, clothes, and baby and dog toys. Charging cables, junk, and GPS devices also need to be removed. The car itself also has to include an emergency kit, spare tire, and license plate with the vehicle. One extra piece of advice you can implement is to take some photos before the shipping. International movers and packers in Riyadh say that it’s the best way to see if discolorations or scratches are the results of shipping or not.

Lock up

When you’re finished with the practical part, you have to lock up your car and finally handle it in the hand of the shipping company. One thing you can do is to lock up and give them one set of keys. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to give them yours. Make one spare set of keys so you can still keep yours. Sometimes, your car has to be driven and moved that way off the transporter. Engaging logistics Saudi Arabia is a great option and you don’t have to worry about theft. That is the main reason why you should lock up your car. It’s truth dough, that you need to disable all alarms and anti-theft devices and enable professionals to reach your car easily in the case of complications. Leaving one set of keys with you will probably make you feel safer and have more trust while preparing your vehicle for international shipping.

A car key.
Your shipping company might need one set of keys. Don’t be concerned about safety, they’re professionals.

How to prepare yourself?

Technically, preparing your vehicle for international shipping is way easier than preparing yourself. We always say that building a trustful relationship with your shipping company is the crucial part. Of course, there are some concerns about the whole process, and the most frequently asked question is about the shipping car from USA to Saudi Arabia price. Sometimes it can cost a few thousand dollars to ship it internationally, but we assure you it’s the best possible solution you can choose. It’s safe, fast, and effective. Chances for possible damage are minimal, so you won’t have to think about that. Still, we love to say that taking a few photos before the transport doesn’t take too much time, but it can calm you down and stop you from overthinking.

It’s not easy to make this decision and leave your vehicle to complete strangers to ship it to a different side of the world. Do everything you can and do regular maintenance. Start planning a few weeks in advance and double-check if your registration is still valid. Other than that, there is not much you can do other than that relax and wait for your car to arrive at your new destination

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