Guide to shipping antique items

It can be stressful to ship antiques, especially if they are valuable, rare, or have sentimental importance. Antiques can range from small porcelain vases to substantial furniture pieces. We should always pay extra care to them and label them as fragile. Because they are fragile, antiques are vulnerable to harm during shipment from harsh handling or severe temperatures. As a result, we should pay more attention not only to shipping but to packing too. Your antiques will arrive at their destination undamaged and retain their worth for years to come if you use the appropriate packing procedures and use the best shipping company. Take the essential precautions while exporting antiques, whether you’re doing so for personal or professional purposes. That’s why Four Winds Saudi Arabia offers a simple but complete guide to shipping antique items. Let’s dive and explore this topic together!

Proper packing and securing of antique items before shipping

When shipping antiques, proper packaging is essential since it can make the difference between your property being in perfect condition or broken beyond repair. This isn’t the case if you’re looking for the best cargo services in Jeddah. If you call the pros they’ll pack it for you at fraction of the cost. If you want to DIY the packing use strong, high-quality packaging supplies such as one of those from the list below.

  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing peanuts
  • Double-walled boxes 
Mom and daughter bubble wrapping while talking about guide to shipping antique items.
According to the guide to shipping antique items, you should properly pack your items first by using the right materials.

Packing peanuts help fill any gaps in the box and keep things from shifting during shipment, while bubble wrap is a great option since it offers an additional layer of protection and can help avoid scratches. When packaging an antique, it’s important to make sure that it is firmly fastened within the box so that it won’t move during delivery. This is crucial for things like glassware or porcelain, which are very delicate. Fill any holes inside the box with foam padding or other cushioning items to keep your item immobile. This works as a barrier to absorb any shocks during transportation in addition to assisting in movement prevention. Also, think about buying insurance for a container shipping from UK to Saudi Arabia if it’s something “too valuable”.

Labeling and choosing the right shipping company

First of all, in this part of the guide to shipping antique items, we’ll focus on labeling boxes the right way. When transporting antiques, it is crucial to indicate the right orientation and to label the box as “fragile.” This label might warn recipients that there are fragile products within the box and nudge them to treat it with greater care. To avoid any harm, this label might also specify which side should always face upright. For instance, it is important to maintain the object straight if it is glassware or artwork to avoid damage or bending. We as a company that provides air cargo Saudi Arabia always use this “fragile” labeling. Also, our pros are well-trained and equipped with some of the best packing boxes and products so they can pack anything.

Fragile sticker on a box.
This is a must-have sticker.

It’s crucial to choose a shipping company for your antique item that specializes in transporting delicate and priceless goods. An expert in handling fragile objects, such a service will take particular care while packing, loading, and unloading your item. If your antique object is damaged or lost during transportation, it should be covered by insurance. Every reliable shipping expert will advise you to do this. It’s crucial to conduct thorough research and pick a shipping company with a solid reputation. It should be specialized for carrying priceless and fragile products safely. The best way to find a reliable shipping company is through online reviews. Nowadays everyone is online so dig a bit before you buy anything; cheap marketing tricks are everywhere these days.

Check the overall value of your item and double-check everything

Last but not least is to check the value of your overall item. For example, if you’re looking for the shipping car from USA to Saudi Arabia price, it might be a bit different. But before you do anything check if everything is okay with the car. Also, check with the insurance or any antique pros to check the car out. Once they do this you can be sure that the product is original 100%. This is the only way to be fully insured in case of loss or damage during transportation. To avoid any problems with insurance claims, be careful to determine the item’s worth honestly and exactly. This is mandatory if you want to buy insurance so they’ll do it for you. Giving the shipping company an accurate and truthful valuation of the item might also encourage them to handle it with particular care.

A man offering a pen to sign something.
By ensuring your antiques your package will be extra safe.

Don’t forget to take the delivery number this is also important when it comes to delays or any other problems. If required, you can contact the carrier using this tracking number to inquire about the status and location of the shipment. Checking all the details—including the packing, labeling, insurance, and tracking information—is imperative before approving the shipment.

Final thoughts on the guide to shipping antique items

Thank you for reading this article and we hope that it helped you. We understand that this is a complex process that’s why we created this ultimate guide to shipping antique items. In the end, you should first check if your product is antique by insuring it by a third party. This will help pros handle it properly; but if you want to do DIY start packing it. As we’ve previously mentioned you’ll need packing peanuts, proper-size boxes, and bubble wrap. Also, this will depend on what you’re packing. Don’t forget to label boxes properly and use a “fragile item”  label on every box that you pack. This would be it for this article if you need any more tips and tricks be sure to check out our blog section. Have a great time packing and we hope that you’ll have no problem shipping your antiques.

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