Help your kids with school during the corona outbreak

The COVID 19 outbreak has had a major impact on many areas of life all around the world. Business, transportation, and many other industries have all experienced changes due to the global pandemic. Corona outbreak had an impact on life in KSA as well, including the education system. After the initial lockdowns, almost all of the schools shifted to online classes. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the things that you can do in order to help your kids with the school during the corona outbreak. Furthermore, we are going to discuss the importance of hiring professional relocation services Saudi Arabia when moving.

How to help kids with the school during the corona outbreak

As we have mentioned already, the schools in the majority of the KSA have been working online. This proved challenging and weird both for students and teachers. However, it is a measure that helps with the children’s safety and we should be there to help them. So, here are a few things that you can do to help them transition through this potentially difficult period.

Mother and daughter looking at the computer.
Sit down and talk to your kids about the school during the corona outbreak and how it will function.

Talk to your children

One of the most important things that you should do during this period is to talk to your children. Sit down and try to explain to them why the school is working the way it is working. Kids know that something is up. They are more than likely going to ask a lot of questions. You should be there to answer them. Moreover, you should prepare yourself to answer these questions properly to ensure that your children know what is going on but still feel safe and protected. Be open and honest as much as is appropriate. If you are planning on moving during this period, it is also a great opportunity to talk to them about the upcoming period. Make sure that you are researching the right relocation companies in Jeddah that will offer you and your family all of the necessary moving-related services.

Keep your children’s day structured and organized

It is easy to get distracted at home. Classrooms at school are very different from online classrooms. This is why it is important to keep your kids organized during the day. There are many things that are going to be different since the Coronavirus impact on daily life in Saudi Arabia is, just like everywhere else in the world, going to be noticed by your children. Take your time and structure their day so they have all of their school-related tasks and fun activities balanced out.

Try and making learning fun

School during the corona outbreak is sometimes even more exhausting and boring for your kids than usual. If this is the case, it is time to make learning fun for them! Change things around so that they attend each class in a different room. Both the teachers and the students are now still learning and adapting. It may take some time for your kids to be completely adjusted to this online teaching format. It is for this reason that you should do your best to at least making learning and homework more fun. Help them complete their homework and try to turn it into a fun game to see who can get the most answers right first.

Let them focus on their goals

Talk to your children and ask them what is their personal goal that he or she would like to complete by the end of the school year. This is something they would not normally have time to do. However, now they do have that extra free time which can be used to work on their goal daily and weekly. Help your kids focus on their tasks while at the same time keeping them interested and active.  Allow your children to explore their creativity and what interests them by keeping things fresh and interesting.

Keep in touch with the teachers

This one is a must if you are looking to help your kids during this difficult time period. The school is closed true, but the online classes continue. If there are online meetings with teachers and parents be sure to attend them. This is where you can get the most information about well your children are doing. Furthermore, you will be more familiar with their schedules as well as their class course.

Online meeting.
Attend online meetings with teachers and other parents.

Try to keep the distractions away

People working from home often find it difficult to see it as a working space. Likewise, this is the same case with children. It is up to you to explain to them how online classes work and why they should look at them the same way they would regular classes. Talk to your children about the line between being home and studying from home or attending classes from home.

Hire professional movers in case you plan on relocating

If you are planning on moving, you have to make sure that you are hiring the right moving company. The last thing you need is a bad and poorly organized move. It will not only make things difficult for you but also for your kids who are attending online school during the corona outbreak. To avoid this, do your research. Look for reliable and professional movers Jeddah that offer great relocation services and other moving-related services which you may find useful for your move. All things considered, hiring professionals comes with many benefits and one of them is you being able to focus more on your kids and their school-related tasks and activities. With well-organized movers, you do not have to worry about delays and broken items. Furthermore, they will secure transport and provide the required number of hired workers depending on your inventory. On top of that, you will not have to worry about any heavy lifting of your items.

Professional movers.
Always hire professional movers before you begin packing and relocating your inventory.


To sum up, school during the corona outbreak is both very different but at the same time somewhat similar to a regular school. So, it is up to you to use these few tips and help your kids during this difficult time period. Always look for professional moving companies when relocating. With good movers and the right organization, you are sure to enjoy the comfort of your new home in no time!

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