How is shortage of truck drivers affecting supply chain

Our today article will be started with one simple example. Let’s say you are just a consumer in regard to the supply chain and you need to get clothes or food. You are going to the mall or market in order to find certain products and bring them to your home. However, you have serious trouble finding products that always use to be available for you. You feel disappointed and concerned about the current shortage and start thinking about the reasons why you could not get what you need anymore. Yes, you are right, our headline includes the part of the answer you are looking for. For that reason, our Four Winds Saudi Arabia experts will help you realize all ways how the shortage of truck drivers affects the availability of products we all need. So, let’s discuss how is a shortage of truck drivers affecting supply chain.

Don’t underestimate the importance that truck drivers have in regard to economy

One of the biggest challenges of the trucking industry today is the driver shortage. It is not something that is a problem for just one country, it affects countries all around the world. A lot of former truck drivers don’t want to do the job anymore. There are so many reasons why is that. Employees for logistics services international could list down several reasons why so many truck drivers are leaving this job. This job is not enough appreciated, salaries are not so high while responsibility is on the high level. There is also a lot more reasons why it is getting harder to find driver today. And unfortunately, the stakes are high for all of us.

The shortage of truck drivers affecting suppy chain in a way that will make us disable to buy what we need.
Truck drives enable us to get products that we need.

A lot of people all across the world just don’t realize how the products get to the markets. It is because logistics companies in Riyadh but also the others keeping the balance in the sector of product deliveries. Unfortunately, it is impossible to keep the balance without truck drivers. If you go to any supermarket for fruit, your fruits come out of a certain country. If that country is the only place to get fruits that will be delivered to stores across the city or country, someone got to transport them by truck. This job is a part of the supply chain that involves thousands of companies all around the world. Trucks are the only way to get to the supplier, factory, or any other place our goods are stored. Without truck drivers, we cannot count on our fruits in stores.

It is a fact that the shortage of truck drivers affecting supply chain

Whether you are just a consumer or employee in a logistic sector, you will realize that shortage of truck drivers affects the supply chain in so many ways. For our logistic company in Dammam but for many others across the world, it is hard to keep a fleet of enough trucks on the road. Moreover, that getting more and more challenging with losing drivers day by day. A huge number of truck drivers will stay in big companies, for instance in the fields of oil patches. Unluckily, not every company, especially small ones can compete with oil patch wage.

Parked trucks ready for drive
The shortage of truck drivers affecting supply chain and becomes a global problem.

Without truck drivers transporting cargo becomes more and more burden. That directly affects the supply chain, regardless of the type of job. It becomes harder and harder to deliver groceries, oil, textile, everything. If you own a cargo transport company and also, trucks, it can be hard for you to find drivers. So, many trucks will be parked and there is no earning revenue. But this is not only the problem of your company. Unluckily, there are thousands of unfiled truck driving jobs all around the country but also in the world. That all makes us wonder, why people don’t want to be tuck drivers anymore?

Shortage of truck drivers affecting supply chain strongly- Truck drivers need to be more appreciated

Is it easy to be a truck driver? The answer is no, this job is hard and brings many responsibilities every day. We had asked truck drivers about the shortage of drivers. They are aware that the shortage of drivers affecting supply chain strongly. The first thing that every truck driver will tell you is that this job is hard. Most of these people travel for more than 6000 miles in less than a week. They are able to spend just a few days at home and they need to get back to work.

In the sense of accomplishment and pride, this is a really special job and they are important for all of us. Those people help feed hundreds of thousands of people every week, every month. That is something they should be proud of, they are heroes.

The truck driver and manager shake hands.
These people deserve our respect.

But the fact is there is a stigma about truck driving jobs. There are certain prejudges about truck drivers and many people don’t like them. A lot of people are unsupporting of people being truck drivers. Like it is their fault because they are abandoning their families for so long. That is truly wrong and makes truck drivers feel underappreciated. Many truck drivers love their job and they will show you this job is not negative. They are contributing to the global economy and need to be more appreciated.

It is necessary to attract new truck drivers

During a Pandemic, these people played an important role in our lives. That was the moment when we all had an opportunity to realize how much they mean to the supply chain. They were considered essential workers and true heroes of the road. And they did the same thing before the Pandemic and they will continue doing it in the upcoming years. The storage of truck drivers affecting supply chain and every single company, every single consumer. Hope the world, organizations, and economists will find a way to stop the shortage of truck drivers. If we continue losing truck drivers across Saudi Arabia, Europe, the United States of America, and so on, that will impact the quality of life. There will not be everything we used to have on the shelves in stores and supermarkets.

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