How to buy a home in Saudi Arabia as a foreigner

Saudi Arabia is a Western Asian country on Arabian Peninsula. It’s also the 5th biggest Asian country, with about 2,150,000 km2. Saudi Arabia is known for its rich history and culture. If you want to buy a house and move to Saudi Arabia, this guide will help you. You will not only need the help of movers in Jeddah but a whole team of lawyers and financial consultants. Saudi Arabia is also known for its strict laws. Therefore, we will help you understand each legal process you need to take to buy a home in Saudi Arabia.

Do a lot of research

“Do some research” is the first piece of advice you will receive if you plan on moving anywhere. You shouldn’t research just moving companies in Jubail but research almost everything. Since Saudi Arabia has strict laws regarding moving, you should do your search thoroughly. Some topics you should look into are:

  • Religion
  • Professional support
  • Banking and fees
  • Laws

Research about religion before you buy a home in Saudi Arabia

Firstly, religion has a very big importance. Religion also plays a role if you want to buy a house in Saudi Arabia. For example, if you are not Muslim, you cannot buy property in Mecca and Medina. These two cities have great religious importance. Therefore, it is prohibited for foreigners to buy houses in these Arabic cities. However, you can still sign a two-year lease in Mecca and Medina if that option suits you.

A view of a homes in Saudia Arabia
If you want to buy a home in Saudi Arabia, you need to do a lot of research.

Hire a professional team to buy a home in Saudi Arabia

We are not only talking about moving companies in Yanbu. You need a team of at least one land broker and lawyer. They will help you understand all the legal procedures of buying a house in Saudi Arabia. They will help you receive a letter of permission from the Ministry of Housing. That is an obligatory document for anyone who wants to buy a home in Saudi Arabia. They will also help you negotiate with the seller and visit the property to ensure that everything is legal. Many scammers will try to take advantage of foreign buyers. That’s why it’s best to hire professional support.

Banking and fees

To buy a house and hire relocation services Saudi Arabia, it’s important to understand banking and fees. Your team will probably let you know that “Ijarah’ finance” is the best house buying option for foreigners. Moreover, they will probably inform you that banks collaborate with clients in a specific way. They only approve clients that work for well-known employers.  If your employer is a new, or a small company, the chance is that they will not approve you for housing. Banks are interested in your employer’s status and not your financial status. As for fees, they depend from bank to bank. However, it’s always best to pay everything in cash. Almost all banks and sellers prefer cash to checks and cards.

Two people exchanging money
It’s better to pay using cash rather than using other paying methods.

In the end, do some research regarding laws before you buy a home in Saudi Arabia. Muslim countries usually have some stricter laws regarding usage of alcohol, dressing in public, laws regarding drugs/medicine, driving…

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