How to calculate volumetric weight?

For sure you have heard before the term volumetric weight. But maybe, you weren’t sure what exactly it means and how to use it correctly. This knowledge may come useful to you, especially, if you are planning to ship something with packers and movers in Saudi Arabia. Different shipping companies use slightly different formulae for the calculation. Nonetheless, we will show you the standard way to calculate the volumetric weight. Furthermore, you will learn how you can use it to your advantage.

Why is calculating volumetric weight necessary?

Let’s start with a simple example. This question may sound familiar to you from when you were a kid. What is heavier 1 kilogram of feathers or 1 kilogram of iron? You already know that the correct answer is that they weigh the same. But if the question was- which of these takes more space? The answer would be very different. This is exactly the logic that the shipping companies are using. For them, transporting as many goods as possible at once plays a major role in business. Packaging companies in Saudi Arabia will try their best to make sure that all your freight fits in the same shipment. Therefore, shipping companies do not charge the same transporting 100 kilograms of pillows and 100 kilograms of metal tools. Which makes sense, since they don’t take the same amount of space.

how to calculate volumetric weight
Always calculate the volumetric weight for comparison of sizes

The formulas

There are two simple formulas for calculating the volumetric weight, depending on the metric system you are using.

  • Formulae for calculating volumetric weight in centimeters:

length x width x height (cm) / 5000 (or 4000, depending on the company)

The result is volumetric weight in kilograms, rounded up to the nearest 0.5kg.

  • Formulae for calculating volumetric weight in inches :

length x width x height ( in) / 138.4 (or 139)

The result is volumetric weight in pounds, rounded up to the nearest 1 pound.

In other words, to calculate the volumetric weight of a package, first, measure its length, height, and width. Then, multiply those sizes.  And finally, divide the result (or the cubic size of the package) with the standard dimensional weight divisor. If unsure about which dimensional weight divisor local movers Saudi Arabia are using, you can always ask them.

Is volumetric weight always used for charging the shipment?

The answer is – no. Cargo transportation Saudi Arabia will decide on this so it is favorable for both, the company and the customers. Sometimes the actual, actual weight plays a more significant role in shipping. For example, some objects made of heavy metals may not have a significant volumetric weight- comparing to their actual weight. We are talking about small in size but heavy packages.

In that case, shipping companies use the gross weight to calculate the price of transporting the freight. But it is safe to say that the price of the shipment is, most of the time, based on the higher value among the two weights.

a golden old fashion scale
Between the two values, shippers mostly use the higher one

Knowing how to calculate volumetric weight is quite useful in everyday life. It is convenient when relocating your goods or sending some packages away. Thus, practice the above-given formulas and use your newly acquired skill whenever there is a need for this. Avoid being overcharged.

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