How to maximize warehouse space utilization

The shipping process can be quite challenging and complicated. The supply chain involves a network of suppliers, transporters, freight forwarders, distribution centres, and warehouses. Considering that warehouses are not cheap, it is no surprise that companies want to maximize warehouse space utilization. In addition to improving the efficiency of the warehouse, companies’ primary goal is to secure the safety of goods. That is why a reliable national shipping company of Saudi Arabia must have a well-maintained storage facility. Read on and find out how to get some extra space in your storage unit.

Analyze your warehouse space

The first step when thinking about how to use every inch of your storage space is to analyze it. There are a lot of things you need to consider. The goal is to maximize space and increase effectiveness. You should analyze the layout, the ceiling height, think about the underutilized space, reconsider your containers and racking system, etc. In addition, calculate the total size of your warehouse in square feet and storage capacity in cubic feet. Then, subtracts space used for offices, restrooms, etc. Once you do that you will be able to think about maximizing space utilization.

Men walking in a storage unit
Analyze your warehouse facility in order to come up with different ways to maximize warehouse space utilization

Evaluate the aisle width in the racking area

The width of an aisle in a storage unit can range from 10 to 12 feet. However, if you want to maximize warehouse space, you can reduce it to 6-8 feet. In case you are considering this option, you must ask yourself whether your equipment can work in these narrow aisles. Check the type and model of your forklift. You need to know its exact parameters including

  • Outside dimensions. Measure your forklift’s length and width (height is usually not an issue). This will determine the minimum aisle width and the distance between racks.
  • Turning radius. You must know the circle that your forklift needs to turn within. Most forklifts have a tight turning radius.

The width of aisles also depends on the cargo, type of products, and the type of pallets you use. Calculate the minimum aisle width carefully so that you do not set your racks too close together.

Use a mezzanine floor to maximize warehouse space utilization

A mezzanine floor is frequently used in warehouses. Storage units usually have high ceilings which means that there is a lot of unused space. Mezzanine floor systems are semi-permanent floors installed between two permanent stories. They can often be dismantled and relocated. They are the most effective way to maximize warehouse space utilization. Although the mezzanine floor installation is not cheap, it enables you to have more space without having to expand the facility. Keep in mind that these structures have a weight limit so be careful about what you put on them.

Empty warehouse
A proper use of the vertical space in a warehouse can greatly increase its capacity

Use proper containers in warehouses

Storage containers can also help you maximize the space in storage facilities. It is best to use containers that fit the items which are being stored. That is why it is crucial to have containers of various sizes and shapes. If you always use just one size, a lot of space will be wasted inside of containers. And don’t forget that for a warehouse wasted space means wasted money.

Optimize your vertical space

Vertical space is underutilized in most warehouses. Maximize the vertical space in your warehouse. Extend racks up and use all the available space with custom shelving. In this way, you can optimize profits. It is recommendable to use 75-80% of the unit’s vertical space. Leave at least six inches between the load and the next shelf. This is necessary to make sure that your forklifts can safely manoeuvre pallets for storage. Also, most storages use pallet racks for storing. However, it is highly recommended to use a gravity flow racking system. Gravity flow racks maximize space and efficiency, improve your productivity, and increase employee safety. This type of racking provides high-density storage and facilitates access to stock.

Storage equipment
Dimensions of your storage equipment will determine the width of your aisles

How to choose the right storage facility?

Choosing the right storage facility is extremely important. Your warehouse should be safe and well-equipped. This includes safety guards, security cameras, locks, video surveillance, etc. Security is extremely important because thieves target storage units. Other important factors are storage location and size. Before you choose a particular facility, search for specialized sites, and read reviews. Comments from other customers about the facility’s capabilities, service, and features are invaluable. Too many complaints and bad reviews are a red flag and you should avoid that unit.  Finally, think about the special conditions that a facility should have. This is particularly important for certain industries.

Do you need special warehouse conditions?

Some products require special storage conditions. Special warehouse conditions are usually necessary for medical, food, and pharmaceutical industries. There are cold chain logistics companies that are reliable and can guarantee these conditions. Cold chain services are inevitable when shipping organs for emergency transplantation, clinical trial materials, perishable food, medicines, etc. In these situations, a shipping company must keep temperature-sensitive products within optimal temperature ranges. It must provide a controlled environment during the entire shipping process. If it fails to keep cold chain products cold, they become unusable.

It is important to implement all possible changes in order to maximize warehouse space use. The changes that you will be able to implement depending on your specific facility. We have presented different ways to optimize existing warehouse operations. In addition to size, there are other factors to consider when renting a storage facility such as cost, safety, and location. 


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