How to pack and move expensive rugs

When packing for a move, you have to pack all your items. Most of the things you can pack easily. And they will be safely transported to your new home. However, you also need to pack and move expensive rugs. And, you need to know how to do it in the right way. You can’t simply roll them and toss them on the moving truck. That way you can easily destroy them. Your precious Oriental rugs are hand-knotted or hand-tufted. Thus, they are very expensive. Such rugs you want to preserve during the moving time. So, you have to apply a bit different approach. When properly packed the moving companies in Saudi Arabia will take care of their safety during relocation time.

Before you pack and move expensive rugs, check their conditions, and clean them throughout

It is important to check if your rags are in good condition. Use the opportunity of moving them to check both sides. In case you notice any damage, get it repaired. Such damages are excellent spots for collecting dust. And even worse, they are good for the reproduction of parasites that can be easily spread. Once you make sure the rug is in good condition, start cleaning. Usually, a good vacuuming is enough. However, if there are some stains, you should wash them first. If you are using the services of moving companies in Bahrain, they can recommend you a good cleaning service. Expert cleaners have the proper equipment and cleaning solutions. And an expensive rug requires special washing and care.

Pack and move expensive rugs -ornamental hand-made rugs in open market.
Check if your rags are in good condition.

To properly pack and move your rug, get the right packing material

 Most of the materials you will need, you probably already have. The list of essential things for rugs packing are:

  • Rug wrapping paper (kraft paper)
  • Ball of rope
  • Stronger packing tape
  • Packing knife or scissors to cut rope and paper

In case you can’t find the kraft paper, you can purchase some bubble wrap sheets.

Rolled up oriental rugs placed in upright position.
Oriental rugs are usually large and heavy.

Rolling and tying rugs

Oriental rugs are usually large and heavy. They can also come in various shapes. So, they can be square, round, or runners. The first rule is that you can’t fold them. By doing so, you would destroy them. The rug’s backing is fragile and prone to damage. That is the reason why they have to be rolled up into a tube. Also, before rolling, you will have to turn the rugs. The back has to face upwards before you start to roll it. The back part is stiff and staying outside it will easily crack.

Once you rolled it up, tie it with rope. After that, you should wrap it and fasten the wrapping paper with the packing tape. However, as they are expensive and large, you may consider hiring packaging companies in Saudi Arabia. That way, you will be sure that your precious rugs are properly packed.

Loading your expensive rugs for transport

You may use various transports for your expensive rugs. Whether you load them on a moving truck or into a container, take care they are in the upright position. Placing them this way, you will have more space for other things. Also, never put anything heavy thing over the rugs. The pressure may cause the stiff rug back to crack. Traditionally dealing with oriental and expensive rugs, the relocation services Saudi Arabia movers will know the right way to handle your expensive rugs.

Obtaining clearances to move the rugs to your new home

You’ve managed to pack and move expensive rugs successfully. And your moving company helped you with exporting your rugs. They’ve obtained all necessary customs clearances and permissions so that you could move the rugs. Now, they are in your new home. And they look as beautiful as ever. So, while you are looking at them, remember that all rugs have a story to tell. Yours are no exception. With them, you’ve brought the memories from your old home. So, enjoy them and let them remind you of many nice events. And on your dear friends.

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