How to pack your bedroom for shipping

Moving your entire household can be difficult. It is not easy to find reliable movers, gather packing supplies, and finally, packing everything. However, relocation can be even more complicated when you are moving internationally. Then, you will have to find the best national shipping company of Saudi Arabia if you are moving to this country. For this reason, here is how you should pack your bedroom for shipping 

Declutter your room 

Most people keep their wardrobe in their bedroom. For this reason, you should go through your items and see what to do with them. You can sell your items if they are in good condition. However, if you are short on time, then you should donate your items. It is a nice gesture to help those in need. In addition to this, items and clothes that are in bad shape, either throw away or use it for the packing purposes. Save money on shipping to Saudi Arabia by sending only the items that are really necessary. However, it can be hard to say goodbye to your items. Therefore, here is how you should approach this task. Part with anything that you have not worn in a really long time, that is damaged and not worth repairing, no longer fits, etc. 

huge blue bed
Pack your bedroom properly for international shipping

Pack your bedroom for shipping with packing supplies 

You cannot pack your items if you do not have all the necessary packing supplies. Here are all the things you will need. 

  • Moving boxes – in all sizes and shapes 
  • Bubble wrapping – you can use old clothes for this purpose 
  • Packing tape 
  • Fillers – such as packing peanuts 
  • Markers and pens for labeling 
  • Garbage bags  
  • Tools for disassembling furniture 
  • Cleaning supplies 
  • Mattress covers 
  • Furniture blankets 

Since you are shipping internationally, you need to properly pack your items. Your packages will cross a great distance. In addition to this, you should decide if you will use air freight or sea freight. Airfreight is more expensive but faster than sea freight. Therefore, if you are shipping valuable items, it would be wise to spend more money in order to ensure their safety. You can also get insurance.  

a dog in the box
Gather all the necessary packing supplies for your bedroom

The packing process 

Wardrobe. First, wash all your clothes. Make sure it is completely dry before you pack your clothes. Then, you can put your clothes in the boxes. In addition to this, you can also use garbage bags or leave some clothes in drawers. If you want to move your clothes in the drawers, then remove the drawer from your dresser and use shrink wrap to secure the clothes inside.  

Accessories. Valuable things should be insured first, then wrapped in some protective materials, and then sealed in the box. Make sure to use fillers or something that will add support so your items will not get crushed. 

FurnitureDisassemble all the pieces. Pack all the pieces separately. Use bubble wrapping for smaller pieces and moving blankets for larger pieces.   

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