How to pack your book collection

Packing up your book collection for the move can be very challenging. Books are the heaviest items for their size. True book lovers might have hundreds and hundreds of books! Even though it can be very hard, you should try to get rid of the books that you don’t need anymore. Almost every moving company charge by weight, so the best option would be to donate, give away or sell some of the books that you don’t want to take with you. A professional moving company will pack your book collection safely. However, if you are interested in other logistics Saudi Arabia services, you should contact your professionals right away.

Pack Your Book Collection Like A Pro!

First of all, you will need a lot of different packing materials in order to pack your book collection properly. Whether you are moving locally or planning a long-distance move, you should prepare in advance. You should organize your time, make a plan and ultimate checklist. Hiring a professional moving company in Bahrain is highly recommended too! Every professional moving company has a lot of experience, trained workers and necessary equipment for every moving process. However, if you are planning to pack your book collection on your own, you will have to gather:

  • Sturdy Cardboard Boxes
  • Packing Paper and/or Sheets Of Cardboard
  • A Lot Of Protective Wrapping Materials
  • Packing Tape and Marker
packing supplies
Get all the necessary packing materials on time.

And now that you have gathered all of the necessary packing materials, you should follow further instructions if you want to pack and protect your book collection without a problem.

  • Sort Your Books and Then Sell or Donate
  • Choose The Right Boxes and Prepare Those Boxes For Packing
  • How To Pack Hardcover Books?
  • How To Pack Paperbacks?
  • Secure Boxes and Load Them In The Moving Truck

Sort Your Books and Then Sell or Donate

Since your moving company charge by weight, you should go through all of your books and determine which books are going with you. Hardcover books are very heavy. Even paperbacks can add a lot of money to your bill after the move. People who love books tend to gather plenty of books in a short period of time. And now, since you are moving, it’s time to separate “must-have” from “not needed anymore” titles. Try to find a good home for those books that are most likely not gonna be read again. Church and school libraries, second-hand stores or neighborhood lending libraries will gladly accept all of your books.

Choose The Right Boxes and Prepare Those Boxes For Packing

Since books can be very heavy, you should buy sturdy, medium-sized cardboard boxes. You will have to be sure that boxes are solid, that they can hold the weight of your books and that there is not any wetness inside of the box because it could cause damage to your books. Don’t forget to buy some good quality packing tape to seal the box bottom and top. Use a permanent marker to label the box contents. However, if you have no time or if it’s too much of a hassle to pack your book collection, you can hire your mover and get their packing services. Your professional mover will provide all necessary materials, boxes, and equipment. They will pack and secure your books fast and relocate everything in a short period of time.

thee cardboard boxes
Get sturdy, medium-sized cardboard boxes.

Pack Your Book Collection – Hardcover Books

Did you know that there are some amazing places to visit in Saudi Arabia? After you pack all your belongings and your valuable book collection you can search for some of the wonderful places that you should visit when you arrive. But, let’s go back to our hardcover collection! Hardcover books are heavy and they should be packed the same way as you place them in the bookshelves. They should be standing upright inside the box with the spine against the box’s side. Don’t pack them too tightly because they can suffer damage when the time for the unpacking the box comes.

  • If the collection is a moderate value, you should use packing paper to wrap each box before placing it in the moving box
  • First edition and other very valuable books require stiff cardboard placed in between each volume to prevent any damage and movements. These kinds of books should be protected and placed in well-padded boxes.
  • The less valuable hardcover books you can stack and pack in a flat position

How To Pack Paperbacks?

You should pack your paperbacks book flat and stack them without a problem. However, if you want to prevent the damage, you should never pack your books with paper edges facing down and spines up. The pages will bend and books will wrap. Every proper packing method works. The most important thing is to avoid packing books in odd angles. Packing books is not the only thing you should be concerned about. You should also know how to pack for international relocation since you are moving to Saudi Arabia!

Pack your paperbacks books flat and stack them in the cardboard box.

Secure Boxes and Load Them In The Moving Truck

Since box can shift easily during the move and cause damage to your precious book collection, you should use wadded-up paper to fill any remaining space before closing the box. After sealing the box, you should properly label it and write on it what does that box contains.

Be sure to place all your book boxes on the floor of the moving truck. Try not to stack boxes at all. However, if stacking book boxes is the only option, you should try to properly secure them from moving and tripping. Books are heavy and if they crush they can cause a lot of damage to your furniture and other items in the moving truck.

And this is how you pack your book collection like a pro! If you need any information about the move or relocation and you have some additional questions to ask, you should contact your professional Four Winds KSA movers! Best of luck!

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