How to prepare a piano for shipping

It is imperative to prepare a piano for shipping properly. You know that it is an expensive, large and sensitive item. In most cases, it is antique, so even more precious and valuable. If not, it has emotional value for the people who have it. Knowing that it weight 300-1,000 pounds, it could easily damage other items in the truck.

  • Although there are great pianos in stores that are not that expensive, most of them are made of sensitive materials so you can damage it very easy – usually, the polish they made of unique materials that you can damage when moving;
  • It is a huge item, so you will need more than the usual number of helpers for this;
  • Since it is very large, you should protect other items from damages, as well as people who will involve in shipping;
  • When preparing a piano for shipping do not forget that it could be antique, so it could have even higher value;
  • The piano is always an expensive thing, either as an item made of expensive materials or as a subject that has emotional value for the owner.

Taking all of these in mind, you should be extremely careful with piano shipping. However, do not afraid of it too early. You can follow simple instructions and protect them before moving. You may need to put it in a warehouse in Saudi Arabia before preparation. As always, it is not wrong to ask professionals at least for advice on how to do it properly.

An expensive piano that proves that you should pack your piano for shipping
Protect your piano when shipping

Prepare a piano for shipping before packing

You know that you should be careful with packing even before packing starts. However, when preparing the piano for shipping, preparation starts much before. You should know which materials to use for protection. Also, you must protect yourself from harms.

Measure everything

As you may know, the first thing when moving heavy and large items should be measuring. How can you possibly know if your piano could pass through the door? Professionals who take large items regularly, like cargo transportation Saudi Arabia, know it very well. Do not measure just doors, take measures of walls, ceilings, and stairs. It will help you when you bring it in and out of the house.

Make a map and a plan

Since your house is not flat airline runway, you will have a lot of troubles when bringing the piano out from it. The best way is to make a plan when and how you will avoid barriers. On that way, your helpers and workers will know how to deal with it, too.

Hire professionals

As you may know, professional help is always above the competition. As much as you have prepared for this job, you cannot know how to deal with situations when things go wrong. You cannot have a proper tool or packing materials, too. Freight forwarders Saudi Arabia, luckily, know and have everything that is needed to prepare a piano for shipping. The most important, they are favorable and experienced in this job. Do not hesitate to ask them for advice or even hire them.

An old piano
Pianos can be made of different materials

Equipment that you should use to prepare a piano for shipping properly

Every relocation demands special tools and helpers. When moving a piano, you should be extremely careful. Your items are very sensitive, and you must prepare yourself that it demands special tools. However, you will be able to use tools as people use for every moving, too.

Use piano covers

Whatever the way for shipping a piano, you can ask professionals for help. You should use specific tools and equipment like pallet racking to protect your piano. It could be a professionals piano covers that you can put on the top of the piano. On that way, you will protect the polish from scratches and damages.

Use padding

As in every similar case, when you move large items, you should protect them with soft materials. It presumes even items that you have at home, like blankets. Usually, local movers Saudi Arabia have perfectly prepared and designed projects for these purposes. If you feel it too expensive, you can use things that you already have. However, make sure that they are clean, not dusty or damaged. However, use them to put below the piano, so you can protect the floor in a vehicle from scratches.

Use acoustic foam

Luckily, there are special materials that will help you to prepare a piano for shipping. The acoustic foam should protect the piano from small damages that outdoor noise could make on it. You may not see it at first, but it will cause serious troubles for you later.

Use tool as in every other moving

You can use things that people usually do when moving large items. Some of them are straps, dolls, or screwdriver. You can remove removing parts from the piano and prepare it for shipping. On that way, you will not damage those items when moving.

Secure piano and other things when moving

As we already mentioned, the piano is actually a huge item, so you should protect everything from it. It could damage the vehicle that will transport it, but also protect workers from harms. Whatever you use, make sure that you have protected the piano itself, first.

Protect pedals

On most pianos, you cannot remove pedals. The only type of piano that you can remove is a grand concert piano. In every other case, you will not be able to remove them. However, they are very sensitive, so make sure that you have protected it adequately. The best is to wrap it in a large blanket or cardboard.

Grand piano
There are different types and sizes of pianos

Transport piano always in an upright position

You surely prepare a piano for shipping properly, but do not forget to protect it when putting in the truck. To protect the piano from damages, you should put it in an upright position. Although there are different types of pianos, all of them could damage if you put them on the side. However, make sure that workers in moving company could see the right position if you have put it in a card box.

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